My Dessert Stomach

Dessert Stomach (Second Stomach)You may not be aware, but some of us were born with a special gift. Some may go as far as to consider it a super power. I simply call it my dessert stomach.

I guess it began when I was around nine years old. It was just another family barbecue in Southern California. Like most of my kin, I was full from the main course and needed a rest before dessert.

To protect his anonymity, I’ll call him cousin, Dave, was ready to push on. He headed straight for my mom’s popular, Strawberry Jell-O Cake. It was a two-layer cake and everyone loved its strawberry buttercream frosting. None of us thought anything of it, until he sliced it. He literally took a hunk so huge that half of the cake was gone!

Honestly, I don’t remember much after that. I’m not sure if I enjoyed any strawberry cake that day. What I did learn is that dessert waits for no one, but there will usually be plenty of the main course left. From that moment on, my dessert stomach developed.

In the months and years to come, I’ve never missed out on dessert again at family dinners. When dining out, I always do a full recon of the menu, including desserts, before placing my order. If there’s a dessert I’m interested in, I plan my main course accordingly, skipping appetizers or taking home portions if necessary. Yes, it’s that serious.

Now some of you may say this is nothing more than good planning. Ah, this is where the gift comes in – county fairs. Since fair season is in full swing, it’s the opportune time to discuss. This truly shows what the mind and stomach can accomplish when they are one.

I admit agendas are critical. You can’t go into it all willy-nilly. Before attending a fair, I will review the featured foods and plot my goals. Thus, my brain knows my plan for the day. I always attend with a group of friends. We eat our way through the fair and we share.

Year after year, they tire before me and shake their heads in disbelief as I continue on. “But we just had…” they say. “It doesn’t matter,” is always my reply. Somehow, my stomach knows to make room, to open my dessert stomach to complete the day’s goals.

Friends marvel at my gift. Sure they laugh. However, I know sometimes they wish they had it. As with all power, it comes with responsibility. It should be used wisely. To use it recklessly would be unhealthy. Thus, I practice moderation.

For those that have this gift as well, we may be small in number, but know that you are not alone. Embrace your power and be proud of your dessert stomach! Eat well, my friends.


4 thoughts on “My Dessert Stomach

  1. Quite anecdotal. I hope to read what it takes to keep your heart healthy, and blood sugar reasonable while you’re enjoying sugary treats. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Makinya. I do make adjustments in other areas of my diet to compensate for my sweet tooth and I exercise as well. I’m not a calorie counter. However, I do believe in making my calories count and I will decline desserts that don’t meet my standards. In my blog, it’s unlikely I will go into much detail about what you’re asking. My goal is to make the indulgence worth it! 🙂


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