So I Walk Into a Burger Place for a Cupcake…

Photo courtesy of The Oinkster You never know where the search for great cupcakes will take you. In this case, following the recommendation of LA Weekly, it lead me to an eatery in Eagle Rock, California better known for its burgers and pastrami sandwiches, The Oinkster.

Their motto is “Slow Fast Food,” so when I arrived, I waited in line patiently with the other patrons. While they studied the menu, I just watched the dessert case. It seemed well stocked. Yet, call it my spidey sense, I had a feeling something might be amiss.

When it was finally my turn, I ordered their Oinkster Pastrami for lunch (a girl’s got to eat), then PB&J and Coconut cupcakes. The cashier excused herself to check the inventory and advised they were out of Coconut cupcakes

In my normal fashion, I did not take the news well. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a drama queen. Nevertheless, I did drive over 50 miles for this quest.

“Are you serious?” I asked rhetorically.

She suggested their coconut cookie as an alternative. In my head, I was laughing. She was very pleasant. However, I wasn’t here to vet their cookies. I’m a frosting fanatic! There was no frosting on that cookie.

Her counterpart must have read my mind. For the other cashier said, “Why would she want a cookie when there are cupcakes?”

Since I need a minimum of two cupcakes to provide a rating, I left with the Carrot Cupcake as well. I do enjoy carrot, but I just had this flavor recently. However, for you, my friends, I took one for the team.

Photo courtesy of The Oinkster - PB&J CupcakeI started my taste test with their acclaimed PB&J Cupcake. It’s a peanut butter cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with peanut butter frosting.

The texture of this cupcake was unlike any I’ve ever had. The density was more bread-like than most cakes. Its buttercream frosting was smooth and the peanuts on top added a delightful crunch.

Combined with the jam in the middle, when I finished this cupcake, I felt like I had consumed a PB&J sandwich and reached for a glass of milk. I was beyond satisfied.

Next I tried The Oinkster’s Carrot Cupcake. Now I was glad I had this one instead of the Coconut. I was curious to see what their approach to this traditional cake would be.

Like the PB&J, the Carrot Cupcake had a bread-like density. I didn’t detect any nuts in the cake nor were there any present in the frosting; but there was a distinct citrus note. The cream cheese frosting was thick and complemented the cake’s flavor well.

I give The Oinkster a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. This no-frills place exceeded my expectations and it’s a genuine foodie find!

However, I’m still not on the same page as LA Weekly’s 10 Best Cupcake Shops. I don’t believe they are better than Crumbs Bake Shop or SusieCakes, neither of which made their Top 10 List. Thus, once again, I will agree to disagree with LA Weekly.

Now my friends, instead of my usual closing remarks, I’m going to try something different. I “omitted” some information from my account. I ordered another item during my visit to The Oinkster – a Nut Brownie.

Alas, I’ve overstayed my welcome on this post. Please join me next time when I review their fudgy, frosted treat.


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