Happy Together, Sprinkles and Bacon

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles - Maple Bacon (Improved)Rejoice bacon lovers! You can finally have your Sprinkles Cupcakes and bacon too!

That’s right. Sprinkles, the world’s first cupcake bakery has embraced the savory side.

Sprinkles recently introduced a Maple Bacon Cupcake. Thick, smoky bacon is cooked into their Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake. It’s then topped with maple cream cheese frosting and more bacon pieces around the rim.

Initially when they alerted fans to their new flavor, the release date was September 6. However, Sprinkles revised the launch date to August 30, in time to allow aficionados to celebrate National Bacon Day.

Within just days after its release, Sprinkles modified the recipe. You see, the above description is the “improved” version. The original cupcake did not have additional bacon around the rim.

Apparently, customers demanded more bacon and Sprinkles acted quickly. By September 4, they gave bacon lovers more.

It was this “improved” version that I sampled.

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles - Maple Bacon (Original)I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and spied a lengthy line as I approached the Sprinkles bakery in my car. I was worried. Was inventory going to be an issue?

Once parked, I realized the line was for their adjacent ice cream shop. There were plenty of Maple Bacon Cupcakes waiting for me. I smiled with relief and placed my order.

Though the anticipation was killing me, I waited until I was home to enjoy.

The cake was undeniably Sprinkles. It was moist, with the same density that we’re accustomed to as patrons. I adored the vanilla taste. The rich maple frosting was divine. Overall, the bacon was saltier than I expected. However, combined with the cake and frosting, it worked. All of the flavors complemented each other well.

I give Sprinkles Maple Bacon Cupcake 4 out of 5 stars. On the sweet to savory scale, because the bacon wasn’t maple or candied, it was more savory than other bacon cupcakes I’ve had.

Since Sprinkles is only offering the Maple Bacon until September 15, I’m glad I purchased two. If you like to take a walk on the savory side, I recommend this cupcake.


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