Mama Knows Cupcakes

The Cake Mamas - White Choc Raspberry CheesecakeI respect the patience of cupcake bakers. I’m much too OCD (obsessive compulsive) to think of making 6-12 frosted confections, let alone dozens. I prefer to bake one cake and get it over with.

I also admire their creativity. It’s one thing when bakers make perfect home-style delicacies. When they get extravagant with fillings, multiple toppings, and frosting technique? Oh, my.

On my latest recon, I met a mother turned bakery owner, Janelle Copeland. She’s the woman behind The Cake Mamas in Glendora, California and winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

I met Janelle after selecting my cupcakes at The Cake Mamas. I had mentioned that I was a Frosting Fanatic to an associate and we began a casual chat. Before I knew it, Janelle joined in.

The two of us stepped aside and became engrossed in a frosting discussion. She preferred a lighter, whipped cream texture. I preferred thick, sweet buttercream.

She walked me through the flavors I had selected. Since The Cake Mamas offer cupcakes with both types of frosting, I was careful to select those that had buttercream.

Janelle and I also discussed some of the flavors that I didn’t choose, along with her baking style and range. The conversation whet my appetite. I left eager to try my cupcakes.

I started with their Caramel Apple Cupcake. It’s a vanilla bean cake filled with caramel and apples, topped with a caramel buttercream, and then drizzled with dark and white chocolate.

Admittedly, this cupcake didn’t travel well. The apple filling in the middle was temperamental. However, it was delicious!

The cake was light and there wasn’t just a dollop of apples in the middle. There was enough to enjoy a few bites. The caramel frosting was generous and the drizzle of chocolate added a gourmet caramel apple touch.

The Cake Mamas - Churro CupcakeNext, I tried The Cake Mamas Churro Cupcake. It’s a cinnamon sugar cake with sweet milk frosting, topped with cinnamon crunch.

Janelle said the Churro Cupcake was a big hit with many bloggers at this year’s Taste LA. Yet, the cupcake has been on their menu for a couple of years.

Instantly, I knew why it was so well received. I’m a big churro fan and this cupcake reflected the sweet treat.

The cinnamon sugar cake was moist and its flavor was on point. The frosting was the lightest buttercream I’ve ever had. It was delightful and the perfect complement for the cake. The cinnamon crunch atop the frosting reminded me of cinnamon sugar chips. I liked the contrast of its texture against the smooth frosting.

I ended my critique with their new White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcake. It’s a white chocolate cupcake filled with fresh raspberry preserves, topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting and edged in white chocolate curls.

Janelle advised me to do something most curious before eating this cupcake – warm it for a few seconds in the microwave to allow the white chocolate inside the cupcake to melt.

I followed her instructions and proceeded accordingly…

Wow, I loved this cupcake!

The melted white chocolate inside of the cake got happy, creating a sumptuously moist experience. Combine with the ample preserves, and rich raspberry cream cheese frosting, I didn’t want the cupcake to end.

I give The Cake Mamas 4 out of 5 stars. Though I sampled from their buttercream cupcake variety only, based on their selection, this bakery offers something for everybody. Moreover at $2.50 to $3.00 each, their cupcakes are a good value.

The Cake Mamas have a new customer. I hope to see Janelle next visit, so I may tell her how much I enjoyed her cupcakes in person.


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