If Faux Cronuts Are Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

Photo by ConfeXion - Glazed & Cinnamon Sugar BrioughnutsGuess what day it is? Guess what day it is?

It’s faux cronut day!

This is the conversation I had in my mind as the alarm rang Saturday morning.

I turned off my clock and sat up in bed.

Oh, what a glorious day this would be. It had been almost a month since I had consumed my last scrumptious treat. I needed a fix.

Today’s destination was ConfeXion Cupcakes & Cake in Pasadena, California. They introduced their faux cronut back on July 20 and have sold assorted flavors on the weekends ever since.

It’s called the BrioughnutTM, a donut hybrid using brioche dough, handmade from scratch and laminated with European butter.

Recently, their hybrid was voted one of The 5 Best Not-Cronuts in Los Angeles by the LA Times. However, ConfeXion has been on my faux cronut radar from the start. I’ve just been waiting for some of the hullabaloo to fade.

There was some traffic en route, so I arrived at ConfeXion a little behind schedule. Once inside, I did a quick assessment.

The line was short. There weren’t many Brioughnuts in the front case. However, I spied more in their back racks. I felt somewhat relieved, but would feel even better once I ordered.

My anxiety was soon appeased and I left with two Brioughnuts at $5 each.

Once home, I started with their PB&J Brioughnut. The center of their brioche donut is filled with their homemade peanut butter and a strawberry-raspberry compote.

Confexion - PB&J Brioughnut

This pastry was delectable!

I devoured the first half. I reminded myself to slow down for the second half so I could take notes for this post.

I adored the peanut butter. It reminded me of what you would find inside fine chocolates. It literally filled the core of the Brioughnut; so unfortunately, it did not adhere to every bite.

The sweet fruit spread was laced between the flaky layers. The edges were crisper than I expected. Still, I finished every crumb.

Next I tried their Glazed Brioughnut. It’s as pure and simple as it sounds and it’s also offered in a gluten-free version.

I purposely consumed this in slow motion, taking time to savor.

I admired the soft texture inside and how easily each layer peeled away. The edges had a light crunch compared to the other Brioughnut. I saved the top with most of the glaze for last… Incredible. I smiled with delight.

I give ConfeXion 4 out of 5 stars for their Brioughnuts. I would love to try more flavors if I’m in their area at an opportune time. I hesitate to give them a higher rating because of its price and my newness to the faux cronut quest.

I’ve read that Dominique Ansel’s CrountTM trend may be dying down in New York (see story with map). If that’s true, I do hope it leaves a lasting imprint. I’m just getting started in Southern California.

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