Friday Night Cupcakes

Southern Girl Desserts - Chicken & Waffle Cupcake

Recently, I had reason to be in Los Angeles on a Friday night.

Now this may not seem like much to some of you. However, considering where I reside, braving Southern California traffic at such a time is admirable.

Always the foodie and cupcake connoisseur, I thought how best to take advantage of the situation. Immediately I thought of Southern Girl Desserts. I reviewed their cupcakes over the summer, shortly after their win on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

They have two flavors that are featured on Fridays only. Both were on my must-try list.

I asked my friend who lived in the area for a favor. He obliged and picked up the cupcakes that afternoon. Thus ensuring they did not sell out before my arrival to LA.

I was overjoyed to receive my frosted confections.

I’m not sure what occurred beforehand, but when I opened the cupcakes at home, I noticed the frosting had lost its shape. Rest assured, this did not affect the taste.

I grabbed a fork and started with their Chicken & Waffle Cupcake. They debuted this flavor on Cupcake Wars and it helped them secure their victory.

It’s a buttermilk spice cake with finely chopped fried chicken, pecans, then topped with maple cream cheese frosting and a chunk of fried chicken.

Southern Girl Desserts - Hennessy & Coke Cupcake

Now I’ve had a Chicken & Waffle Cupcake before and I can attest Southern Girl Desserts does it right!

The cake was moist with a muffin-like density. Really the chicken was so well disguised; I tasted its flavor, but noticed the pecans more. The maple frosting complemented the cake perfectly and the chunk of fried chicken showcased just how well the meat was seasoned.

I moved on to their Hennessy & Coke Cupcake. It’s a twist on a Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake recipe, using cognac for an extra kick.

This is definitely a new favorite when it comes to chocolate cupcakes.

The cake was moist and from the first bite, it was obvious Southern Girl Desserts wasn’t shy about the Hennessy. The result was a tasteful liqueur cake. The chocolate frosting was the right intensity to balance it.

This Friday night cupcake adventure did not disappoint. I’m grateful for friends who live in LA and bakeries like Southern Girl Desserts that help make the city a little sweeter.


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