Truth, Frosting and Cupcakes

Wildflour Cupcakes - Oreo TruffleThe Merriam Webster Dictionary defines truth as the real facts about something.

Now I am aware it’s normal for businesses to take liberty with the truth when promoting their products. As such, I take words and imagery with a grain of salt.

However, in regards to cupcakes, when I peruse a bakery’s website and see their frosting description as buttercream, am I wrong to assume they’re referring to American?

Recently, I realized indeed it is.

I visited Wildflour Cupcakes in Fullerton, California. They’re a 2013 Best of Orange County Nominee.

According to the cupcake menu on their website, they use cream cheese and buttercream frosting. The photography supported their words, so I felt prepared for my recon.

Upon entering Wildflour Cupcakes, I studied the display case for the day’s flavors. Call it cupcake intuition; however, without fully reading the description tags, I asked the associate what type of buttercream they used?

“We use Swiss Buttercream,” he advised.

He then went on to explain the availability of cream cheese frosting and the one instance of American Buttercream.

Well this changes things, I thought to myself. I knew what to expect with Swiss Buttercream.

Yes, my palate has evolved; but let’s not get crazy.

Still, I couldn’t walk away from this recon. I needed to find a compromise.

I reassessed my options and purchased two cupcakes accordingly.

Wildflour Cupcakes - Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughOnce home, I wasted no time and began my critique with Wildflour’s Oreo Truffle Cupcake. It’s a chocolate cake filled and frosted with Oreo Truffle Swiss Buttercream and topped with a dark chocolate ganache.

I chose this for my Swiss Buttercream cupcake because of the Oreo flavor. My problem with buttercream variants is that they aren’t sweet enough. I figured between the Oreos and ganache, this wouldn’t be a problem.

This proved to be an excellent choice!

I appreciated the incredibly light and creamy texture of the Oreo frosting. The ganache added a decadent touch and I liked the chocolate cake. Having frosting in the middle made the experience even more enjoyable.

For the next cupcake, I chose Wildflour’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It wasn’t my intention to have a cookie themed recon. I selected this one because it was their only cupcake with American Buttercream.

Now I adore cookie dough! When I bake cookies, I practice “quality control” by sampling the dough and it’s a favorite cheesecake flavor. Hence, I was looking forward to this cupcake.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

These are strange words coming from a Frosting Fanatic, but the frosting was too sweet. Moreover, it was grainy, as if cane sugar were used instead of powdered.

Though I liked the flavor of the cake, I found it dry. As a result, I didn’t enjoy the cookie dough center as much.

I give Wildflour Cupcake’s 3.5 out of 5 stars. For those who appreciate light buttercream frosting, this bakery might be for you.

As for me, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nothing compares to American Buttercream.


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