You Can Have Your Beer and Cupcakes Too!

Brewcakes - Cracker Jack CupcakeMy friends, this is no trick. I do realize it’s Halloween. However, since I covered chocolate candy cupcakes in an earlier post, I decided to indulge in a more adult treat.

For this reconnaissance, I went to Brewcakes in Redlands, California. It’s a dessert gastropub – everything on the menu (desserts and food) is made with craft beers, wine, or alcohols.

I first heard about them through Dine 909, a dining resource for the Inland Empire. As a craft beer enthusiast, I was intrigued by the concept. Once I reviewed their dessert menu online, I was sold.

I decided to visit on a Tuesday. Brewcakes cupcakes are $2 all day – a sweet deal, especially when you’re sampling a few flavors.

It felt a bit strange sitting at a bar ordering cupcakes. There was nothing whimsical or vibrant about the decor, as you would find in many bakeries. Nonetheless, it’s an experience to which I could grow accustom.

I started with their Apple Cider Cupcake. It’s a rum apple cider cake with diced apples, spiced almond crumble and a honey buttercream frosting.

I can’t say definitively whether I tasted the cider in this cupcake. What I can say is it was delicious.

The cake was moist with a homemade flavor. I enjoyed its spices and the apples had a tart bite.

Brewcakes - Oktoberfest CupcakeI wouldn’t describe the frosting as buttercream. Instead, it was closer to heavy whipping cream. Along with the garnish of almond slivers, it was a rich complement to the cake.

Next I tried Brewcakes Cracker Jack Cupcake. It’s a brown ale white cake with caramel buttercream frosting, drizzled with caramel sauce.

The cake’s texture was dense, similar to a pound cake. On a couple of bites, I did taste a hint of the brown ale. It was a pleasant addition. The frosting was sweet and creamy, with a delicate caramel flavor.

I saved the most anticipated cupcake for last, the Oktoberfest. It’s a pumpkin ale spice cake with rum cream cheese frosting, garnished with fresh cinnamon.

Now I’ve tried not to subject you to my condition, but I’m all things pumpkin during fall. Thus it would have been a travesty to walk away from a chance to try a pumpkin ale cupcake.

Like Brewcakes Apple Cider Cupcake, I can’t say that I tasted the pumpkin ale. Yet, I could detect its influence.

The Oktoberfest was more savory than I expected and had a bread-like texture. It was the rich cream cheese frosting that gave the cupcake its sweetness. After I finished, its pumpkin essence lingered a while in my mouth.

I give Brewcakes 3.5 out of 5 stars for their cupcakes. You can have your beer and dessert too!

The owners change the menu monthly, giving customers an incentive to visit regularly and taste their latest creations… Looks like this Frosting Fanatic has found herself a pub.


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