I Haven’t Met a Croughnut I Didn’t Like

Dolce Bistro & Bakery - Original & White Chocolate CroughnutsSome of you might be thinking it’s fall. Cronuts were a summer craze.

Well, not for me. I love this delightful pastry!

If you’ve had a CronutTM from its creator Dominique Ansel or a well-made knockoff, then you understand why.

If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for?

As long as bakeries are making them, I’m determined to find the best faux cronuts in Southern California.

My latest quest took me to Dolce Bistro & Bakery in Montclair, California. They debuted their croissant-donut hybrid on July 20, calling it a Croughnut.

In reviewing their Facebook page beforehand, I learned they made a variety of flavors and offered samples. Moreover, unlike some bakeries, they served Croughnuts daily from 8am – 11am.

When I arrived at Dolce Bistro & Bakery, I assessed the day’s Croughnut selections. I was surprised by the pricing – only $2.25 each.

The size was smaller compared to other faux cronuts I’ve had. However, considering it takes two days to make the pastry, its cost was quite reasonable.

It took willpower to limit my purchase. I wanted one of each; but since I have no business eating so many, I stayed strong.

I began my critique with Dolce’s Original Croughnut. Their croissant dough is filled with vanilla custard, fried like a donut and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

As always seems to be the case when I encounter this pastry, I had to force myself to slow down and not devour it.

Dolce Bistro & Bakery - Raspberry CroughnutThe dough was soft, flaky and slightly buttery. The filling wasn’t overly sweet. It reminded more of heavy whipped cream. I didn’t leave a crumb.

Ready to make things a little sweeter, next I tried Dolce’s White Chocolate Dracula. Their croissant dough is filled with vanilla custard and topped with white chocolate.

The dough had the same flaky texture and the filling was identical. It was the white chocolate icing and chips in the center that gave this Croughnut a different flavor. Since white chocolate is more subtle, it was mildly sweet.

I ended with Dolce’s Bloody Raspberry. Their croissant dough is filled with vanilla custard and topped with a raspberry glaze.

Like the other Croughnuts, I enjoyed the dough and filling. However, the raspberry glaze was too sweet for my taste. It was similar to what you would find in a donut, which seems to make sense. Still, I wondered if preserves would’ve been a better complement?

I give Dolce Bistro & Bakery 3.5 out of 5 stars for their Croughnuts. It’s no wonder they sell out every morning.

Owner, Alice Lee estimates that only 40% of the Inland Empire population has tried the hybrid pastry. Those who have love it.

I’m proud to be included among that number and look forward to more visits.

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