Cupcakes by Any Other Name Would Taste as Sweet

The Sugar Me Bakery - Butter Pecan Cupcake Why is it acceptable to eat a muffin at breakfast, but not a cupcake?

After all, once you lick the frosting off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin and muffins are healthy, right?

I found myself pondering this question on my recent recon to The Sugar Me Bakery in Orange, California. They specialize in jumbo gourmet cupcakes, cookies and cakes made with butter, eggs, and milk – just like their grandmothers used for baking.

I admit this was a reintroduction to The Sugar Me Bakery. A couple of years ago, a coworker treated me to one of their cupcakes. Its large size and sweet frosting left an impression.

Upon entering the shop, I assessed the day’s flavors. The cupcakes were muffin-size and suitable for sharing… Of course as a Frosting Fanatic, there would be none of that.

Cupcake pricing ranged from $3.75 to $3.99 each. This seemed reasonable, as I’ve paid the same for less.

As my first choice, I purchased their Flavor of the Month, Butter Pecan. It’s a vanilla cake with brown sugar and chopped pecans, frosted with brown sugar and honey buttercream and topped with a candied pecan.

I loved every single morsel of this cupcake!

The Sugar Me Bakery - Marble CupcakeThe cake was moist and flavorful with a muffin-like density. The chopped pecans were generous. The frosting was smooth and buttery. On the sweet scale, it pushed the limits, so it might be too much for some. Otherwise, it was a good complement.

My favorite bite included the candied pecan – divine.

My second choice was from The Sugar Me Bakery’s standard menu, a Marble Cupcake. It’s a vanilla and chocolate swirled cake topped with swirled buttercream.

Since the frosting did not extend to the cake’s edges, the muffin-like texture was more apparent. The vanilla and chocolate cakes were moist. I enjoyed both flavors. The creamy swirled buttercream was just right.

There was nothing fancy about the Marble Cupcake. Sometimes I like to get back to basics and this was a good traditional cupcake.

I give The Sugar Me Bakery 4 out of 5 stars for their jumbo cupcakes. For me, it was worth every penny.

I’m still not sure whether I was eating cupcakes or a frosted, muffin hybrid.

Regardless, what’s in a name?

It was delicious! That’s what counts.


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