Happy as Pie for Cupcakes

Crumbs - Stuffed Pecan Pie CupcakeFriends, with Thanksgiving upon us, I squeezed in another reconnaissance before focusing on my contributions to the family dinner.

After some thought, I decided against trying somewhere new. Instead, I opted for the place where I tasted my first gourmet cupcake – Crumbs Bake Shop.

They have a couple of locations in the Los Angeles area. I frequent their Larchmont shop the most.

As one of Crumbs followers on social media, I was aware of their Thanksgiving flavors. Thus despite the array of enticing choices, my mission was clear.

My only dilemma was limiting my purchase to two cupcakes.

The associate was of little help in this regard, encouraging me to try a 4-pack. Thank goodness for will power and a price of $3.95 each to keep me reasonable.

I exited Crumbs Bake Shop before I could be swayed and made the drive home. Once there, I started with their Flavor of the Month, Apple Pie. It’s an apple cinnamon cake with apple pie filling, topped with vanilla cream cheese, a cinnamon cream cheese lattice, and streusel crumbs.

Did you catch that? It had two layers of frosting!

Crumbs - Apple Pie CupcakeThis is why I love Crumbs. Their cupcakes are made for a Frosting Fanatic.

The ingredients complemented each other well. The cake was moist, yet its apple cinnamon flavor wasn’t apparent. Perhaps because the apple pie filling in the middle was so generous. The vanilla cream cheese frosting was rich, while the creamy cinnamon frosting added a hint of spice.

Because Crumbs cupcakes are large, I only ate half, as I wanted to leave room for my next selection. Rest assured, I planned to circle back – many of you know how I feel about sharing.

With my fork ready, I moved on to their Stuffed Pecan Pie. It’s a vanilla cake with pecan pie filling, topped with vanilla buttercream, caramel drizzle, and a pecan.

I cut the cupcake in half to appraise the filling. It wasn’t stuffed. It was more like a scoop. I wasn’t too surprised, as other cupcakeries overuse this word as well. So, I proceeded.

The vanilla essence was easy to detect in the cake and smooth buttercream. Combined with the sweet filling, it was reminiscent of pecan pie.

I thoroughly enjoyed Crumbs Thanksgiving flavors and I’m grateful for pie-inspired cupcakes. Maybe I should consider a new tradition and visit this time each year.


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