The Beckoning Brownie

Crumbs Bake Shop - Fudge Brownie

Friends, if you’ve heard of Crumbs Bake Shop, you probably think gourmet cupcakes, and you would be correct.

However, did you know they offer brownies too?

As a longtime customer of Crumbs, I first beheld one of their brownies a couple of years ago.

It was German Chocolate. It called to me and proved to be one of the sweetest decisions I ever made. That’s when I learned Crumbs baked incredible brownies.

From that moment on, they became my cupcake and brownie shop.

On my last recon, my primary mission was Crumbs Thanksgiving cupcake flavors. Yet before finalizing my purchase, I averted my eyes above the cupcake display case and appraised the desserts featured atop.

That’s when I spied their frosted Fudge Brownie. Their classic brownie is made with Ghirardelli Chocolate.

It was so thick it looked like two stacked brownies – about 1 1/2 inches.

Oh, my. This was sure to be brownie bliss.

At home, I decided to consume the brownie at room temperature. The frosting had a fudgy consistency. Heat would’ve changed its texture to icing.

I took a bite.  Since there were no nuts, the brownie was dense layers of chewy chocolaty goodness. The smooth frosting added to the decadent experience.

Milk was a must. I alternated sips between tastes.

About three-quarters in, I put my fork down and pushed the plate away.

I waved the white flag. The Fudge Brownie had won.

Even a Frosting Fanatic knows when she’s met her match.

I give Crumbs brownies 4 out of 5 stars. Next time you visit their shop for a cupcake, perhaps you’ll consider a brownie too.

Just one tip, pace yourself or share accordingly.


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