Truly, Madly Cupcakes

Truly Madly Sweetly - Indecision

As some of you may recall, for my latest reconnaissance I visited the city of Temecula. It’s known as the wine region of California’s South Coast.

I had selected two bakeries. My first stop was a recent Cupcake Wars Winner that unfortunately, fell short of expectations. I hoped my second stop would have more to offer.

It was Truly Madly Sweetly Bake Shop. Readers of Inland Empire Magazine have voted it Best Bakery every year since they opened their doors in 2007.

Their shop was located at The Promenade Mall in Temecula. When I stopped by, there were customers in front and behind me, so I had to be efficient.

I evaluated my options quickly and ordered two cupcakes. My total was $6.75, an acceptable price range.

Once home, I started with their Indecision. It’s a vanilla bean and devil’s food marble cupcake, topped with a swirl of vanilla bean and chocolate buttercream.

The associate at Truly Madly Sweetly said this cupcake was one of their best sellers.

I could see why. I loved the presentation. While it’s standard for cupcakes to look-alike, these cakes embraced their uniqueness.

The smell of vanilla ascended as I removed the cupcake wrapper. My first piece confirmed a nice flavor in both the vanilla and chocolate. The cake was moist and the sugar crystals sprinkled on top sweetened its creamy frosting.

Truly Madly Sweetly - Memphis King (Elvis Cupcake)

Pleased with how things were faring, I proceeded with the Memphis King – Truly Madly Sweetly’s tribute to Elvis. It’s a fresh banana cake with crispy bacon folded into the batter, topped with peanut butter frosting, a slice of banana, and a piece of bacon.

Now you may find this hard to believe, but this was my first Elvis food experience.

I know; it’s almost inconceivable!

Hence I was excited about this cupcake.

The banana cake was moist and flavorful, with a muffin-like density. It took a couple of bites before I reached any bacon pieces. However, it was a savory addition.

Oh, and the peanut butter frosting was delightful. It had a lighter, almost whipped consistency. Its presence was obvious, but not overstated.

Indeed, this cupcake was king.

I give Truly Madly Sweetly 4 out of 5 stars and I can see why it’s an Inland Empire favorite.

That wraps up my Temecula trip. It was a questionable start, but a sweet finish. Next time I’m in wine country, this Frosting Fanatic will know where to go for great cupcakes.


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