The Accidental Cupcakes

Tasteful Cakes - Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse My friends, I’m flexible with some things; but when it comes to frosted adventures, I’m not one to hop in my car and simply let fate be my guide. I usually have a plan.

Still, planning does not guarantee success, as I learned recently. Although I reviewed their website beforehand, the selected bakery did not have the items I expected.

I needed an alternative – fast!

That’s when I recalled a bakery I had visited a few years ago. Its name was Tasteful Cakes in Corona, California.

I didn’t remember anything particular about their cupcakes. However, it seems things had changed. Readers of Inland Empire Magazine had voted them a Best Bakery for 2014.

With my palate was refined; it was time to get reacquainted.

The shop looked the same and their cakes appealing. There were only a few cupcake flavors offered. Of those, some were basic and two were more elaborate.

The fancier ones captivated me, so I purchased those and headed home for my taste test.

I started with their Banana Cream Cheese Bavarian. The Tasteful Cakes associate explained their frosting is more like cake filling. Hence this was a banana cupcake with Bavarian cream cheese frosting, drizzled with chocolate and topped with banana chips.

Tasteful Cakes - Banana Cream CheeseThe cake was light and moist, with ample banana flavor. The frosting’s consistency took some getting used to. It reminded me of a dense meringue. I could taste the cream cheese influence.

I still prefer American buttercream. However, it was better than French buttercream and some Swiss buttercream I’ve had. Let’s not even talk about whipped cream.

Next up, was the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse. It’s a chocolate cupcake with hazelnuts, topped with a chocolate mousse frosting, garnished with additional hazelnuts.

The cake had a deeper chocolate flavor. Like the hazelnuts on top, those within the cake were chunky.

The frosting was magnificent. Smooth and light, its rich chocolate flavor was perfect.

How I wished for a bowl of its splendor…

I snapped out of my Frosting Fanatic fantasy and kept eating. To my surprise, I found a delicious dollop of chocolate mousse filling. Its consistency and flavor was softer to complement the cake and frosting.

I give Tasteful Cakes 3.5 of 5 stars – a higher rating than I would’ve given them a few years ago. Things had changed indeed.

I’m glad fate intervened and led me back to this bakery. Sometimes the best plan is no plan.

Here’s hoping for more tasty accidents.


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