Complete Cupcake Satisfaction

Photo by Suite 106 - Snickers Cupcake

Friends, I’m well aware of the risks when trying new bakeries. Just because it looks appealing, doesn’t mean it will taste so.

Still, after last week, I was ready for some reassurance.

Thus the timing was right for my Flavor of the Month mission, where I visit one of my favorite bakeries and sample a featured flavor.

I chose the ladies of Suite 106 Cupcakery in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Between my schedule and the move to their first storefront, it had been months since I tasted their cupcakes. So I was long overdue for a fix.

I monitored their tweets over a couple of days, waiting for the right flavor to tempt me.

Then, I saw it.


I clicked the link. Their photo was mesmerizing (see above). It spoke to me.

The Snickers Bar cupcake is filled with homemade oven roasted nougat and topped with caramel Belgian milk chocolate frosting.

The decision was made. A few hours later, I was at the Suite 106 Cupcakery shop.

I only purchased one, a choice I would later regret.

At home, with the cupcake on a plate and a fork in hand, I took my first bite.

Since the frosting didn’t extend to the edges, I tasted mostly cake. It had a nice chocolate flavor, not too dark or too light. I got more frosting in the next bite. It was rich, but not smooth. There were some tiny bumps that gave it texture.

Then I reached the homemade nougat. How sumptuous. So buttery, creamy and peanutty – and the middle was stuffed with it!

I had forgotten how they do things at Suite 106.

I found myself eating the perimeter cake and leaving the center for last. Combined with the chocolaty frosting and Snickers pieces atop, it was nirvana.

When the last crumb was gone, I leaned back and sighed. Too lazy to get up and pour a glass of milk.

Now that was a cupcake, I thought…complete satisfaction.

Without a doubt, I need to do a better job of balancing my new discoveries with my old favorites.

Until another flavor calls my name, ladies.

It won’t be as long, I promise.


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