Chocolate + Strawberries + Waffles = Love

Bruxie Waffles - The Love Bruxie (Chocolate, Strawberries & Waffles)

The weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day have been such a tease. Between the barrage of recipes and chocolate, this occasion seems as much about dessert as romance.

I admit, I clicked and pinned. But in the end, I was hesitant to try something new. I wanted something guaranteed to stimulate the senses. 

I wanted the Love Bruxie.

It’s been a while since my last Bruxie experience, so please allow me to refresh your memory.

They use a creative version of an authentic Belgian waffle as the bread. Their waffle is light, airy, crispy and not sweet. Bruxie waffles are paired with both savory and sweet fillings.

My mission, the Love Bruxie, was Belgian chocolate and fresh California strawberries served with whipped cream and powdered sugar.

As a seasonal item, I hadn’t tasted one since last spring. Hence I had counted the days until Valentine’s week for my beloved treat to return.

I placed my order and chose an outdoor table.

I had no patience to wait until I was home. Besides, as a regular, I’ve found that many items from Bruxie are best consumed there.

I took my first taste.

The powdered sugar waffle had a light crunch. Oh, and the strawberries were perfect. They were so big, juicy, and sweet.

Silky ribbons of chocolate topped the berries. Its flavor skewed towards dark chocolate, but wasn’t bitter.

I added Bruxie’s extraordinary whipped cream to my next bites. It always makes a great dessert even better.

As I continued eating, I felt my mood transform – a testament to the power of their simple, but sumptuous waffle.

I give the Love Bruxie 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s one of my favorite desserts.

Sadly, like some romances, the experience is fleeting. The Love Bruxie is only available through February 17.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it back for another, but at least I have the memory.

If necessary, I will wait until Love returns.


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