The Bevy of Boozy Cupcakes

Hapa Cupcakes - Coconut RumFriends, I may need to reevaluate my dessert priorities. For I cannot explain why it has taken me so long to get around to this reconnaissance.

Boozy cupcakes. What more incentive is needed?

Maybe that’s why there was an extra skip in my step after I parked and approached my destination of Hapa Cupcakes in Downtown Fullerton, California.

I’ve been aware of their alcohol-infused desserts since they were operating from a commercial kitchen. So it was a treat to be in the Cupcake Wars winner’s new shop.

Upon entering, I was greeted warmly by the associates. As a first-time customer, they explained their setup. There was a dividing line between alcohol-infused cupcakes and regular cupcakes.

Their assortment was alluring. However, I was at Hapa Cupcakes for the boozy twist.

Hence I focused my attention there and selected two flavors.

At home, I started with one of their March feature cupcakes, Coconuts About You.

It’s a vanilla cake with coconut flakes, infused with coconut rum, topped with their signature cream cheese frosting, and then sprinkled with additional coconut.

There was something unique about their cake’s texture. I wouldn’t describe it as light, but it wasn’t dense either. It fell somewhere in between and was most enjoyable. 

Hapa Cupcakes - Chocolate Strawberries & ChampagneThough I wasn’t able to discern the rum, the cake’s coconut flavor was obvious.  I was able to see and taste the coconut flakes in the moist cake.

The coconut cream cheese frosting was an ideal complement – smooth, sweet, and satisfying.

I looked at my next cupcake with anticipation. It was their Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Champagne.

As the chocolate version of their everyday best seller, it’s a strawberry cake infused with champagne, and topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting. 

The cake’s texture was the same as before. Its strawberry flavor seemed light in comparison to the rich and creamy chocolate frosting. 

I sampled bites of cake only for a better taste. Even so, I couldn’t detect the champagne’s influence.  

I give Hapa Cupcakes 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I considered a higher rating. However, I’ve had alcohol-infused desserts before. The boozy twist fell short in the flavors I tried; its influence was understated. 

Still at $3.25 each, these are good cupcakes at a fair price. 

I may not get the booze, but I scored another win-win.


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