Cupcake Break Interrupted

Some Crust Bakery - Rocky RoadMy friends, it’s rare. But even a Frosting Fanatic like myself can get her fill of cupcakes. 

Therefore when it came time for my latest dessert mission, I wanted somewhere with variety. Perhaps a place that also offered brownies or bars.

I settled upon Some Crust Bakery in Claremont, California. The readers of Inland Empire Magazine voted it a 2014 Best Bakery.

When I first arrived, I was a bit confused. I didn’t see many baked goods at all. Turns out I had entered the cafe side where they serve sandwiches.

I exited and went through the next door. Now, I was in the right place.

The line snaked from the front cash register to the door. I sidestepped to catch a glimpse of what lay ahead. Cookies and pastries filled the front display case. Brownies, cakes, and tarts were along the sidewall.

Nevertheless, what captivated me most was the multi-tiered, rotating display of cupcakes near the entrance.

It was mesmerizing. I couldn’t read the descriptions in one rotation fast enough.

As I focused on the flavors, I laughed quietly.

Suddenly, I was craving cupcakes again.

I gave the brownies across the way another look, but they had nothing on these buttercream beauties.

I got in line and ordered two cupcakes. The associate retrieved them from the display and advised me to wait at least 30 minutes for the buttercream frosting to soften before eating.

Some Crust Bakery - Salty AlmondAfter the drive home, I knew enough time had passed. I started with their Salty Almond Cupcake.

It’s a vanilla cupcake topped with butterscotch buttercream, drizzled with caramel, and sprinkled with chopped salted almonds.

The cake had a light texture. It reminded me more of white cake than vanilla, and it tasted like your average bakery cake.

I found the frosting more impressive. There was a rich, buttery flavor and creamy consistency, with nuances of caramel and salty nuts.

Next I reached for their Rocky Road. It’s a chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow creme, topped with chocolate buttercream, and then garnished with marshmallows and almonds.

I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had anything Rocky Road. As a child, I adored the ice cream flavor. Then I became allergic and it became the enemy.

Ever since, I’ve kept my distance. Yet at Some Crust Bakery, that cupcake called to me. Urging me to put the past behind and give it a try.

I’m glad I listened.

The cake was moist, light, devil’s food. And it didn’t take long to reach the generous marshmallow creme center. The chocolate frosting was smooth and its cacao intensity was the perfect complement. The delightful experience was further enhanced by the goodies on top.

I give Some Crust Bakery 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Admittedly, there was a moment of pause based on the first cupcake. Still, sometimes the calculations don’t add up and I go with my gut.

I don’t know when I’ll have an opportunity to return and verify my rating. However, I’m happy I interrupted my cupcake break for the introduction. 


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