My Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake Thrill

Darla's Cake Design - Blueberry Cheesecake
Ever notice when you don’t need something it’s always around, but when you do need it, it’s not?

Well friends, such was my dilemma for the latest Flavor of the Month. Or so it would seem.

It was day five and the bakery on my watch list had just posted their cupcake specials on social media.

None of them met my criteria.

Having been at this for a while, I had to wonder, was it me?

After all, I’d seen my share of savory and sweet. I had indulged in chocolate candy and cookie delights. I even set aside cupcakes, and made room for pie.

What would it take to make a cupcake special now?

I extended my search. However, I didn’t want to repeat bakers recently highlighted or visited for a feature flavor. 

I thought further, over the year, specifically to last June and my first cupcake review.

I had given them 3.5 stars and mentioned going back. How about now?


As I drove to Darla’s Cake Design in Chino Hills, California, I hoped my course was correct. 

I considered the cupcakes on their website. Though the daily flavors shown were appealing, I was betting on the unlisted specialties to appease me.

Upon arrival, I took a quick scan of their display case.

Nothing caught my eye.

I looked again, taking my time. 

Then I saw it – Blueberry Cheesecake

The associate described it as their vanilla cake with a graham cracker bottom and blueberry compote filling, then topped with a cream cheese mousse frosting and sprinkled with additional graham cracker crumbs.

Such a simple, yet sublime combination. Surely, the universe had spoken.

I purchased one and smiled on the way home.

There, I removed the liner from the cupcake delicately, taking care not to jostle the crumbs or crust.

Oh, it looked like cheesecake.

My first bite was glorious. The graham cracker crumbs were buttery and adhered to the cake’s dense texture. It was reminiscent of pound cake and its vanilla essence was evident. 

The cream cheese frosting had a light consistency, but a full flavor. It tasted like the filling of my mom’s no-bake cheesecake

By the third bite, I had reached the blueberry center. The vanilla cake absorbed some of the juicy compote, making it taste even better. The small berries were perfectly sweetened, as you would expect to find in a pie or dessert topping.

Along with the frosting, you couldn’t convince me I wasn’t enjoying cheesecake and I relished every nibble.

Well done, Darla’s Cake Design. You exceeded expectations and reminded me that sometimes what I’m looking for is already in front of me.


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