Beverly’s Best Brownies and Bars

Beverly's Best Bakery - Assorted Brownies

Please excuse the break, friends. However, after having a fight with my summer wardrobe, I felt the need to curb my dessert fanaticism. 

The interlude was beneficial though. I’m happy to report my clothes and I have made amends and my sweet tooth is recharged. 

I went to Beverly’s Best Bakery in Fullerton, California to celebrate the occasion. (Yes, in my mind this made sense.) I remembered them as a preferred bakery for office parties when I used to work nearby.

In getting reacquainted through their website, I learned they made cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and bars. Accustomed to having my share of cupcakes, I was hoping to find more of their other desserts during my visit.

Upon entering their shop, I was not disappointed.

To my left were decadent brownies, and to my right were scrumptious bars.

I was over stimulated with choices, like a kid in candy store!

There were no labels, so I asked for assistance. The additional details made deciding more difficult rather than easier. But eventually, I ordered two items.

My purchase totaled $8.50 – $3.75 for the dessert bar and $4.75 for the brownie. I paid without pausing. Yet, I was thinking it better taste as good as the price. 

At home, I started with their Turtle Brownie. It’s a fudge brownie with caramel icing, garnished with pecans and chocolate chips.

Now it’s no secret I believe that many brownies are better warm. Something magical happens when the ingredients mingle again. 

So I heated it a smidge, until the icing became more of a glaze and the mini chocolate chips began to melt. 

With fork in hand, I sliced through the 1″ thick brownie and took a bite. It was moist, warm, and chocolaty.

The caramel was subtler than expected. The pecans added a slight nutty contrast, but I barely noticed the chocolate chips.

Beverly's Best Bakery - Raspberry Coconut Crumb Bar

In general, the thick brownie outshined the turtle toppings. With a medium chocolate intensity, its flavor was dominant.  

Even so, I enjoyed every mouthful. There was no denying Beverly’s Best Bakery made a good brownie.

After a brief intermission, I proceeded to the Raspberry Coconut Crumb Bar. Raspberry jam is layered between coconut crumb crusts.

It was a simple combination. Nevertheless, it was new to me and I was eager to try.

The introduction was soft, chewy, and satisfying. 

I took a closer look at the crumb component and noticed oatmeal laced with coconut. It was a pleasant surprise.

I had seen berry coconut bars on Pinterest, but not with oatmeal. I made a note to look for this recipe

The amount of seedless raspberry jam varied between bites. It complemented the crumb crust perfectly and wasn’t too sugary. 

Relishing the bar’s texture along the way, I continued eating. 

With its 3″ width, I could have divided the experience. However, I was too greedy and finished the entire bar at once. Surrendering to sweet misery after.

I give Beverly’s Best Bakery 4 out of 5 stars for their brownies and bars.

Happily this mission was worth the cost and the calories. 

As a Frosting Fanatic, more battles between indulgence and moderation lie ahead. When I slip, let’s hope it’s as gratifying.


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