I Want S’more Waffles

S'mores Bruxie
As a child, my summertime dessert needs were simple. I just craved more ice cream and Popsicles. With age, I began to appreciate the luscious fruits of the season, and the culinary confections that came along with it.

For many years that kept me content. 

But apparently, I’ve been missing out. I never learned to get excited about s’mores season.

I confess I didn’t give it much thought before. I’m not one for camping, so to me s’mores were always a way Hershey’s advertised their chocolate. My mother never made any variations and neither did friends.

However, after weeks of being inundated with s’more inspired recipes on social media, I figured it was time to take matters into my own hands.

Sort of…

The Inland Empire weather had been averaging nearly 100 degrees. So I wasn’t about to bake anything. Also, since I still wanted all the melty goodness, a no-bake version wouldn’t do.

Thus, I opted for a reliable solution, sure to provide a unique twist on the fireside favorite – Bruxie.

Much has happened with the restaurant chain since my last visit. They have expanded into San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado.

I was headed to Chino Hills Bruxie, the location I frequent most. Using a creative version of an authentic Belgian waffle as the bread, their waffle isn’t sweet. It complements their variety of sweet and savory fillings.

I knew the S’mores Bruxie was part of their everyday menu. It’s Belgian chocolate and toasted homemade marshmallow fluff, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs.

I also knew that like many of their items, it would be best to enjoy it there. Hence I made sure my dessert stomach was prepared.

After placing my order, I grabbed a corner table. Just as I was settling in, my S’mores Bruxie arrived. 

Admittedly, it wasn’t much to look at from the outside. I lifted the top of the waffle. The inside was not picturesque. It was an amalgamation of graham crumbs nearly camouflaged by the melted chocolate and marshmallow.

I ceased my visual appraisal and got down to what really mattered, taste.


The sound of crisp waffle vibrated in my ear, shaking the powdered sugar from its pockets. Then, came the warm chocolate and ooze of marshmallow.

I realized s’mores weren’t neat, but that was no reason to be uncivilized.

After a napkin dab, I continued…

The Belgian chocolate was full-bodied. Not quite dark, but on the cusp. Except for that first bite, I didn’t experience another gooey moment. Instead, the chocolate seemed to outweigh the marshmallow.

I devoured my second half, nonetheless. Delighting in the waffle’s texture and every drop of its decadent filling. 

I give the S’mores Bruxie 3.5 out of 5 stars. More toasted marshmallow would’ve made it even better.

Though I wiped off all evidence of my dalliance, I left Bruxie grateful for the sweet summer reminder.

I’m sure one day; I’ll make a version of the classic treat. But for now, I’m satisfied with s’more waffles.


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