The Birthday Wookie (Waffle + Cookie)

Iron Press - Wookie (Waffle + Cookie)

“You’ll never stumble upon the unexpected if you stick with the familiar.”

It was a Tuesday, the first full day of fall. It was a signal for change, a day for reflection, and a day for celebration. It was my birthday.

As I heard from friends and family, some asked what frosted dessert would be my indulgence of choice. They knew my addiction well.

But what they did not know is I had begun a pre-celebration over the weekend. Thus, by my birthday, I had my fill of cupcakes and buttercream.

Instead, I craved something new. Yet, I wanted something that came highly recommended, as I did not want a let down on my special day.

I found what I was looking for at The Iron Press, in Anaheim, California. 

My mission: the Wookie (half cookie, half waffle) made from chocolate chip cookie dough baked in a waffle iron. Once pressed, the waffle-shaped cookie is then topped with French vanilla ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce.

This marvelous mash-up caught the attention of OC Weekly and Foodbeast when it debuted last year. And went on to be named one of the Best Desserts in Orange County for 2014.

I arrived about 5:00 pm, allowing me enough time for dessert before my dinner plans at another restaurant.

Yes, this made complete sense to me; like an appetizer.

As I found an empty stool at The Iron Press bar, a waitress greeted me cordially. She handed me their menu, but I quickly returned it and pointed to the Wookie. 

I let her know it was my first time, so she offered me a tip – a side of Nutella. 

Internally, I said whaaat? But externally, I kept my cool and accepted her suggestion.

Within 10 minutes the waffle-cookie hybrid was placed before me. 

Oh, it was beautiful.

I stared for a couple of moments before cutting my first piece.

Its warmth filled my mouth. The outside wasn’t crispy or crunchy, rather firm, like the edge of a cookie. Its inside not gooey, just softer and slightly chewy.

Because of the waffle’s crevices, I found myself spreading the ice cream like butter. The cool, French vanilla settled into each square and enhanced the chocolate chip cookie.

Then, I took it to the next level…Nutella, ice cream, and Wookie.

The flavors made my taste buds sing!

By the time I neared the end, my stomach waved the white flag in surrender. Satisfied and stuffed, I could eat no more. 

I give the Wookie at The Iron Press 4 out of 5 stars. 

Indeed, the unusual combination was a great treat. In the year ahead, I hope for more delights, as I open myself up to the unfamiliar. 

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