The Déjà Vu Dessert Dilemma

Sweet Dreams Desserts - Mexican Chocolate CupcakeI’ve been here before. 

Staring blankly at the computer screen, waiting for my fingers to find the right words on the keyboard.

How does one describe this week’s dessert mission? Especially, when the result is dumbfounding?

Perhaps simpler is better.

It was my first visit to Sweet Dreams Desserts & Bistro in Whittier, California.

Under new management, they had just celebrated their remodel in September. In addition to the bakery selection, the bistro menu now features Sunday Brunch, beer, and wine.

Yet, there was something familiar in the shop’s fixtures when I entered.

I surveyed the cake slices, cupcakes, and macarons on display. At first glance, the assortment seemed sufficient. However, further inspection revealed the shortcomings.

The cupcake flavors were ordinary – vanilla, chocolate, Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream. Moreover, the consistency of the buttercream looked suspect. 

When asked, the frosting was confirmed as buttercream. I still had my doubts, but the mission wouldn’t be complete without a cupcake. Hence I ordered one, along with their cheesecake. 

Although the dining area at Sweet Dreams Desserts & Bistro was inviting, I opted for my standard critique at home. 

I started with the Mayan. It’s a Mexican chocolate cupcake with hints of cinnamon.

Among the day’s choices, it was the only cupcake flavor that seemed uncommon.

The bottom of the wrapper was soaked with chocolate syrup, creating the expectation of a moist cake. My first bite confirmed the cake was fresh, had a light cocoa flavor, and enough moisture.

It was okay.

The frosting had no chocolate or cinnamon flavor. It was buttery, lightly sweet, fluff. Its consistency was  Swiss Buttercream – a variety I don’t prefer, but can appreciate when done well.

My initial assessment was proving accurate. I could’ve saved $3.25 or used it towards more satisfying chocolate cupcakes at Trader Joe’s.

Sweet Dreams Desserts - Lemon CheesecakeI allowed myself time to digest the disappointment and continued the next day with some optimism.

I reached for the Lemon Cheesecake

Back at Sweet Dreams Desserts, I just saw cheesecake shaped like a cupcake. It was on a separate shelf from the other cupcakes and cupcake was not used on the label.

Thus, imagine my surprise when I removed the wrapper and found a cupcake base.

I quickly grabbed a forkful. The moist, flavorful vanilla cake was topped with a rich frosting. Its taste was like cheesecake filling.

How delicious.

After a couple of bites, I was in for another treat – a generous buttery, graham crust center. 

Along with the cake and frosting, this was another level!

I saved the tangy lemon curd for the grand finale, enjoying the sweet and tart sensations.

Priced at $3.25 as well, the cheesecake cupcake was worth every penny. In this instance, my initial assessment was wrong.

Certainly, I had experienced both extremes from one visit. Consequently, my rating reflects an average based on calculations and not emotions.

I give Sweet Dreams Desserts & Bistro 3 out of 5 stars. Next trip, I’ll avoid their regular cupcakes and stick with the cheesecake flavors.

I also learned that though my instincts may be correct, it doesn’t always mean I shouldn’t look again and try.

Who knows what I might be missing?


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