Call of the Midnight Cupcake

My Delight Cupcakery - Midnight Bar

Friends, I searched fairly high and rather low. Honestly, I looked for somewhere else to go. However, all roads lead me back to Ontario, California for another Flavor of the Month.

Sure there were other shops to revisit. But the stakes were higher.

I was looking for a special flavor that fit the season. And I couldn’t deny, no one did it better than My Delight Cupcakery.

From Pumpkin Salted Caramel, Junior Mint, Candy Corn, to Vanilla Ghost – there was enough in their October variety and Halloween menu to keep you coming back.

I arrived during an afternoon lull. Accustomed to the hustle and bustle, it was nice to relax and appraise all the flavors.

Had I been rushed, I might not have heard the whisper of their Midnight Bar

I remembered it from last Halloween and assumed it was all dark chocolate. 

But this time, I paused and wondered if it could be hiding more?

Looking towards the nearest associate, I asked for details.

“Caramel. Marshmallow…………Chocolate…………” she gushed.

The words flowed so rapidly. I only caught a couple.

I laughed; then asked her to slow down and repeat.

It’s dark chocolate cake, filled with marshmallow cream and caramel, topped with dark chocolate buttercream that’s dipped in dark chocolate.

Oh, now I was sold.

I ordered one regular size. As a Deluxe Flavor at My Delight Cupcakery, it was $3.50. Minis were also available at $2, but I needed the full experience.

At home, with a glass of milk by my side, I was ready to begin.

The fork pierced the dark chocolate ganache with little effort. It was soft and merged with the layer of dense, dark chocolate buttercream. I kept going and grabbed a drop of caramel and nibble of cake before taking a bite.

Mmmm. The combination was deliciously, decadent. 

I reached for another piece, hoping for more filling this time.


The center oozed with smooth caramel and marshmallow cream, so my next bite had it all. It was a sweet complement to the deep, dark chocolate.

Admittedly, the cake itself had average flavor and texture. It needed the extras and I recognized that. 

Still, I found myself humming while eating – a subconscious sign of contentment. 

I continued until only the buttercream and ganache remained. Since French dark chocolate was used, its taste wasn’t too bitter or too strong.

It was just the perfect ending.

I sipped my milk and smiled, thankful for another Happy Halloween treat from My Delight Cupcakery and for senses that can answer the call of cupcakes.


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