A Nickel Diner New Year’s

Nicket Diner - Strawberry Pop Tart

Happy 2015, friends!

I do hope you are well. I’m pleased to say this year is off to good start and I’m on track with one of my resolutions.

No, I’m not talking about a brand “new” me. But I have set a couple personal goals.

As a Frosting Fanatic, that means finding delicious desserts worth the splurge for the waistline and/or the wallet. 

I found both by returning to the Nickel Diner in Downtown Los Angeles, California. 

It’s been nearly five years since my first visit with a fellow foodie friend. However, I couldn’t forget the homestyle breakfast and unique desserts. 

With the lag between lunch and dinner hours, getting back had become a challenge. But the stars aligned for New Year’s.

I politely pushed past the customers waiting for seats and advised the hostess I wanted dessert to go. She escorted me to the front counter. A midst the bustle, a server gave me a visual tour of their options.

Wanting to extend my comfort zone, I ignored the alluring Red Velvet Cake and decorative Ding Dong. Instead, I selected two others.

Later that night, I reached for the Peanut Butter Potato Chip Cake first. Back at Nickel Diner, soon as I heard the savory words, potato chip, I was sold.

My first foray into potato chip desserts last year piqued my curiosity. I was hopeful the diner could do better.

I was right.

Soft. Crunch. Creamy.

That was my first bite. The next was the same.

Nickel Diner - Peanut Butter Potato Chip Cake

Such an unusual blend of textures, it took my mouth a moment to adjust. The cake had a deep, almost dark chocolate flavor. The crunch came from the milk chocolate covered crushed potato chips. Genius. And the peanut butter frosting had a silky, mousse consistency. 

When paired together, the crushed chips enhanced the peanut butter frosting’s salty nuances. 

About halfway through, I surrendered and reserved the rest for another time. 

The next morning, I was recharged and ready for the Homemade Strawberry Pop Tart

Now even as a child, I was never a fan of commercial Pop Tarts with their artificial flavors and fillings, rapidly warmed by the toaster. 

However, when I had an indecisive moment at Nickel Diner, the associate said the Strawberry Pop Tart with such assurance, it seemed a no-brainer. 

From the first taste, I knew why.

Buttery and flaky, the tender crust was delightful on its own. It took a couple of more nibbles to find the strawberry preserves. 

I forced myself to stop. If it was this good at room temperature, what would heat do?

I warmed it a smidge in the microwave.

The glob of glaze softened. Using the crisper edges as scoops, I continued eating the warm, gooey center. 

Oh, so simple. So glorious. At $4.25 each, I wished I’d stocked up!

I give the Nickel Diner 4 out of 5 stars. With their flair for creativity, yet ability to do the basics well, you’ll be satisfied.

Here’s hoping my next adventure is just as sweet.


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