Yearning for Yummy Cupcakes

Yummy Cupcakes - Caramel Corn

Are you familiar with the saying? If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

Tasting some of the best cupcakes in the U.S. obviously wasn’t a priority for me. That’s the only explanation I have for taking this long to visit Yummy Cupcakes in Pasadena, California. 

Also named a Top Ten in Los Angeles by LA Weekly, I’ve known about them for a while. Yet, I never found the time.

Well, no more of that nonsense.

With my priorities in check, I made it my latest mission. 

I studied their cupcake menu beforehand. Still, I was ill prepared at the shop. So many choices, and I had neglected to review their treats!

There were cupcakes in jars, cupcake truffles, and then I spied a most unusual creation. Half cookie, half cupcake? I didn’t know what to make of it, so I asked.

It was a Cupcakie Pie – their twist on the traditional Whoopie Pie.

Yummy Cupcakes - Cupcakie Pie

At $4.25, I was able to appease my curiosity, and chose two classic cupcakes for $3.25 each. 

With receipt in hand, I fled Yummy Cupcakes lest another one of their confections call out to me. 

Safe at home, I carefully picked up the Churro Cupcakie Pie. It’s two of their cinnamon cupcake tops filled with vanilla bean buttercream, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and half dipped in white chocolate.

I started with the non-coated part first. Moist, with a muffin-like density, there was no denying the cake’s freshness. Its cinnamon flavor was pleasant. But even with the cinnamon and sugar garnish, it didn’t remind me of churro. Along with the sweet vanilla buttercream, I’d say it was more snickerdoodle.

Not that I’m complaining.

By the time I reached the white chocolate coating, I could feel the tingle of a sugar rush. Even so, I persevered until the last scrumptious crumb was gone. 

The next day, I returned for the Caramel Corn Cupcake. It’s a vanilla cake frosted with caramel buttercream, topped with chopped peanuts and popcorn, and finished with a drizzle of caramel.

Yummy Cupcakes - Red Velvet

Last year’s introduction to a popcorn cupcake was underwhelming. Since caramel has a stronger flavor, I had higher hopes for Yummy Cupcakes.

With a texture reminiscent of pound cake and a nice vanilla essence, my first bite proved things were off to a good start. The caramel buttercream was thinner like icing. However, its rich tones complemented the tasty cake. 

Then came the popcorn’s soft crunch. I enjoyed it this time, maybe because of the buttery drizzle or dash of salt. Whatever the reason, I gobbled up the other pieces. Wishing there were more.

Finally, I looked at the last cupcake in the box, Red Velvet. One of my all-time favorites, I’ve had it wrong more times than right. Usually, I’m scared to trust someone new with the southern recipe. Nonetheless, I took a leap of faith with Yummy Cupcakes.

The moist cake had a light cocoa flavor. Its texture had some weight, but wasn’t too dense. The cream cheese frosting was the best part. Smooth and sumptuous, I had to admit it was a respectable red velvet. 

I give Yummy Cupcakes 4 out of 5 stars. With their variety of flavors and treats, there are plenty of incentives to keep coming back. And for LA, their prices are reasonable. 

Glad I realized what’s important. Let’s see what else happens when I reassess my priorities.

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