The Best Banoffee Beginning

I Like Pie Bake Shop - Banoffee

Friends, another major holiday is approaching. And if you know me, you know I’m referring to food. 

January 23 is National Pie Day!

Hence for my latest mission, it was opportune to take a frosting break and participate in the annual festivities. 

I already had the place picked, I Like Pie Bake Shop in Claremont, California.

With a variety of seasonal choices, it was just a matter of which flavor from their Winter Menu. 

I almost reached the end of their online list, when I found it – Banoffee Pie

Of course!

A traditional British dessert, I’m almost embarrassed to say I’d never heard of it until Fall 2013. I remember because of the Banoffee Ice Cream recipe. The luscious imagery made an indelible impression.

Ever since, I’ve been determined to try a Classic Banoffee Pie. I missed it last year. Waiting until the national holiday, the shop had sold out.

This time, I was wiser. 

Entering I Like Pie Bake Shop, I noticed my beauties on the second self within the display case. Its whipped cream and toffee garnish disguised the ripe, banana slices layered in soft caramel.

Available only in the large jelly jar size, I didn’t hesitate. It was probably for the best. No doubt small would not have sufficed.

Once home, I prepped quickly. Expanding the pie’s paper liner, revealed an enticing puddle of caramel at the bottom. Thus, I opted for a spoon so I wouldn’t miss a drop.

Poking delicately at the crust, my first taste was mostly whipped cream and toffee pieces. 

Soon the reason for the spoon became clear. Smooth caramel flowed through breaks in the slightly buttery crust. I enjoyed its obvious flavor from sweetened condensed milk, its consistency just thick enough to cling to the bountiful bananas.

Continuing along, I do believe I was humming by the midway point, a natural sign of contentment. 

And yet, the pie was even better towards the end. With caramel seeped into the bottom of the crust, I finished the last bits of filling, whipped cream, and toffee.


How such a dessert has eluded me, is disconcerting. But I’m thankful for this Banoffee beginning from I Like Pie Bake Shop.

Now, I have a new favorite and another way to celebrate National Pie Day.


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