Recipe Review: Specudoodles (Speculoos Snickerdoodles)

Specudoodles from The Blonde Buckeye

This week we’re taking another break, specifically a cookie baking break.

Although I don’t spend much time sampling cookies on dessert missions, I’ve made them for years. Of course I can bake the classics. But it’s the creative combinations that intrigue me.

That’s why this Specudoodles recipe from The Blonde Buckeye was a must-try.

Featured in 10 Addicting Ways to Use Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter from The Savory, the recipe spoke to me. The fusion of snickerdoodles with cookie butter was simple, yet genius.

I gathered my ingredients, using pure vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean paste. The measuring and mixing were going fine until I read: Let the dough chill for AT LEAST 2 hours.

What?? Obviously, I overlooked this part beforehand.

I’ve heard refrigerating cookie dough will improve flavor and texture. But I had no patience for that. I needed my sugar fix.

Thus, I moved forward with a couple of alterations.

  1. The instructed baking temperature was 350 degrees. However, ever since I’ve had my first edition Mrs. Fields Cookie Book, I only bake cookies at 300 or 325 degrees. It takes longer, but I never worry about the edges getting too crisp.
  2. The dough was supposed to yield 22 to 24 good-sized cookies. Either my scoop was too big or good-sized is vastly subjective. I ended up with a little over a dozen large cookies.

Now fresh from oven, these cookies were amazing! Warm and gooey, the cookie butter brought depth to what’s normally a lighter cookie. Its flavor paired well with the cinnamon.

However, as the cookies cooled on the rack, the center firmed. The final result was a soft, buttery cookie. A slight crunch came from the edges and coarse cinnamon-sugar garnish.

I give this recipe a 4 out 5 star rating. Next time around, I’ll be ready to refrigerate the dough. I’ll also reduce my cooking time a smidge to see if I can achieve that fresh-baked nirvana longer.

You may have better results if you follow the directions exactly. For the full recipe, please visit The Blonde Buckeye.


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