The Sugar Fix Finding: Cupcakes

Sugar Fix - Orange Creamsicle Cupcake

With the change in bakery trends, some may argue that demand for cupcakes has declined. But thanks to cupcake lovers, the dessert has incredible staying power.

Admittedly, some businesses have fallen. Still, chains like Sprinkles, Magnolia Bakery, and Gigi’s Cupcakes remain strong.

Their secret – diversity. Each is more than just a cupcakery.

Sugar Fix in Pasadena, California figured out this secret from the beginning. In addition to cupcakes, they offer a variety of made-from-scratch treats.

This week, I stopped by their shop to sample their selection. There were individual pies, tea cakes, scones, ice cream cupcakes, and of course, regular cupcakes. Just to name a few.

My gaze lingered at a square tea cake. With its petite size and delicate glaze, it had the potential to satisfy my sweet tooth.

But their buttercream beckoned. Between frosting and glaze there was no contest. Hence, my focus returned to cupcakes. With help from the Sugar Fix associate, I chose two. At $2.75 each, they were larger than minis, but smaller than most regular size.

That night, I went straight for their Cupcake of the Month, Orange Creamsicle. It’s an orange cake topped with a swirl of orange buttercream and cream cheese frosting.

Truth be told, I was confronting a childhood fear in buying this cupcake. I have avoided orange flavored baked goods ever since my mom’s orange pound cake. She only made it once, yet the memory endures. Just thinking of it evokes queasiness.

Nonetheless, there was nostalgia for the ice cream bar. It was the pleasant thoughts that kept me brave as I took my first bite.

Sugar Fix - Black Tie Cupcake

My courage was rewarded with frosting that tasted like the Orange Creamsicle. It was sweet, not sugary. Smooth, but not dense. And had just the right amount of orange to complement the cream cheese frosting. 

As for the cake, there was nothing to fear. In fact, I hardly noticed any orange flavor. It was average and needed the frosting.

My second cupcake was a Sugar Fix flavor featured on Mondays and Thursdays, Black Tie. It’s a chocolate cake topped with coconut cream frosting and shredded coconut.

Now you may find this hard to believe. But in all of my missions, this was to be my first chocolate cake and coconut combination. A most inconceivable oversight.

Perhaps the newness is part of the reason I enjoyed this cupcake so much. Though putting subjective feelings aside, there was the soft, moist chocolate cake that could stand on its own.

Oh, and the frosting was a delightful surprise. Its light, silky texture reminded me of meringue buttercream. However, it had the full flavor of American Buttercream.

I give Sugar Fix 3.5 out of 5 stars for their cupcakes. For the price, the size and quality is fair. And as a Frosting Fanatic, I liked the 50/50 frosting to cake ratio.

But what about their other items? Why bother to mention diversity?

If you have followed enough of my adventures, you know I didn’t leave with just cupcakes. Please join me next time when I sample more of their sweets.


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