The Sugar Fix Finding: More Sweet Treats

Sugar Fix - Lemon Bars

For a Frosting Fanatic, there’s only one thing better than a cupcakery – a cupcakery that’s also a bakery!

Some of you may recall, I found such a shop last week, Sugar Fix in Pasadena, California. Though I alluded to their diverse menu, I omitted a few details of my visit.

It’s time for full disclosure.

You see, I knew from the onset of the mission I would likely leave with more than cupcakes. It was just a matter of which treat.

I assessed the s’more bar and variety of mini pies before my eyes settled upon the top shelf in their display case. There lied the thickest Lemon Bars I had ever seen, along with individual servings of Peach Cobbler.

The decision was made. I paid $2.75 for the bar and $3.75 for the cobbler. A fair price for the serving size.

At home, I went for their Lemon Bar. Now I can’t remember the last time I had this dessert. I used to bake it regularly and was familiar with the general recipe.

Still, Lemon Bars vary by baker and I wanted to know the Sugar Fix difference.

Sugar Fix - Peach Cobbler

The first bite delivered a soft cookie crust with a hint of butter. Their lemon custard had a tangy, sweet intro and pungent finish.

The curiously browned top was an ethereal layer of filling that dissolved on the tongue. While I couldn’t tell whether the drizzled lemon glaze contributed to the tart or the tang, it was a nice touch to a memorable Lemon Bar.

After a night’s rest, I was ready for the Peach Cobbler. Since it’s an understood fact cobbler is best warm, I patiently heated it in the microwave.

Choosing a spoon over a fork, I nibbled at the fruit slices and biscuit crust. The peach filling wasn’t too sweet, overly spiced or too juicy. Rather it seemed to missing something – brown sugar, honey or bourbon. Cobblers are not my baking forte. Yet, I can recognize an exceptional one.

The crust had more potential too. Its golden exterior and moist interior paired well with the fruit. But I did not taste the butteriness mentioned in their menu. And we know butter makes everything better.

Based on the Lemon Bar, I was ready to give Sugar Fix 4 stars for their other treats. However after the cobbler, I must downgrade my rating to 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Even so, I still like a cupcakery with bakery choices. Their assorted menu makes Sugar Fix a sweet find for cupcake lovers and dessert lovers.

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