Recipe Review: Nutella S’mores Bars

The View from Great Island | Nutella S’mores Bars

Sometimes your mind just won’t let go. It could be a memory, a person, a song or food.

Maybe that’s why things did not go as planned this week. I had a dessert mission scheduled. But I couldn’t stop thinking about these Nutella S’mores Bars.

A s’more inspired recipe has been on my agenda for a while. I’ve seen countless creations and some have made me pause. However, nothing motivated me to take action until I stumbled upon The View from Great Island.

Using Nutella instead of chocolate bars was a simple substitution, yet added a sophisticated touch to the campfire favorite.

I liked the recipe as is, so my changes were minor. Since I used a glass dish, I heated the oven to 325 instead of 350 degrees. And I replaced vanilla bean paste with vanilla extract.

Perhaps I did embellish the amount of marshmallow creme. My spoonfuls were heaping, causing the creme to merge over the Nutella. I didn’t think more marshmallows would be a problem.

Admittedly, the dough crumbled on top in the next step, barely covered the marshmallows and looked unattractive. Nonetheless, I placed the s’mores bars in the oven and hoped for the best. 

The bars were done in 33 minutes, just shy of the guidelines. The crumbled topping had spread and lightly browned dollops of marshmallows remained.

Now instinct would tell you to enjoy these bars warm – but not so fast. The recipe recommends waiting until the bars have cooled for neat cutting.

So, I did and took a taste.

The buttery graham cracker crumbs got my attention first. With more nibbles I noticed its brown sugar notes, as smooth Nutella complemented the complex crust. The generous spoonfuls of marshmallow creme paid off. Its chewy, browned bits were the best part.

As satisfying as that surely sounds, I knew it could be better.

I cut another slice and heated it. That’s when the magic happened. The Nutella began to ooze and the marshmallows became gooey. It awoke the butter in the graham crust, making its brown sugar and vanilla flavors livelier.

It was bliss.

I rate this recipe 4.5 out of 5 stars when served warm. I suggest you set aside looks and just dig in fresh from the oven. For the full recipe, please visit The View from Great Island.


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