The Wonderful Wahfles Way

Salted Ganache Wahfle

Sometimes we look so hard we can’t see the forest through the trees. Or in my case, the unique dessert nearby.

That’s right. I’ve been missing out on a sweet treat for over a year – Wahfles Desserts & Cafe in Chino Hills, CA.

It took a random Google search to find them. I don’t recall the parameters. But their unusual spelling and high ratings grabbed my attention. I continued to the website. Browsing their menu, I knew. I’d stumbled upon something special.

There were Specialty Wahfles like Creme Brulee, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Banana Cream. Or Create A Wahfle from unlimited toppings like condensed milk, mixed berries, Nutella, and Speculoos. And that was just their sweet side.

They offered savory sandwiches too or you could build your own. The possibilities were limitless.

Two days later, I was at Wahfles Cafe to taste one of their artisan desserts.

Staring at the menu in person, I flirted with the idea of creating a dream waffle. A half serving was only $4.25. But I wasn’t feeling imaginative enough.

So I went with a specialty, Salted Ganache. Their house waffle is topped with chocolate spread, diced applewood bacon, candied walnuts, and ice cream. Available in full size for $7.50 or half for $4.95, I thought of my summer wardrobe and settled for the latter.

I chose an empty table in Wahfles dining area and admired the vibe while waiting. Dark wood furniture, an armchair, it invited you to sit a spell with your coffee drink and food.

Thus when my order arrived, I ate slowly.

Served with a fork and knife, I cut a corner. The chocolate spread dominated my taste buds. Deep and decadent, its presence masked the bacon. Yet somehow, the sweetness of the house waffle peeked through. I spied minuscule flecks and tasted a hint of vanilla. The waffle was room temperature. Made of yeast, it wasn’t light and crispy, rather dense and soft.

The bacon pieces were ample and cooked just right. To truly appreciate, I ate it separately from the chocolate. I tried to do the same with any walnuts, except they were too fine to detect.

I got around to the vanilla ice cream after a few bites of waffle. Generally, I’m ambivalent towards à la mode. At times, I even leave some behind. However, the ice cream’s pure flavor surprised me. I found myself savoring it alone.

When I had scooped every bit and finished every drop, I regretted not getting the full size. Though I was content, my dessert stomach still had space.

I give Wahfles Cafe 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a good value with plenty of fresh and flavorful options. And with a second location in La Verne, there are more waffles to go around.

I’m glad I saw the forest and tried the Wahfles way. I see more visits in my future.

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