The Nutty Side of Sprinkles

Sprinkles - Pistachio Cupcakes

Sometimes you just have to let go, let loose, and go nuts – even if you’re a business. 

So this July, Sprinkles Cupcakes debuted a new flavor, Pistachio.

To some of you that may sound ordinary. But for those familiar with Sprinkles, you know there’s nothing common about their cupcakes. 

Their Pistachio Cupcake is loaded with freshly ground pistachios, spiced with cardamom and orange blossom, and topped with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Though I’m still a beginner when it comes to pistachios, I knew enough to be intrigued by the cardamom combination. 

Inside Sprinkles shop, I must confess to some trouble locating the Pistachio Cupcakes. Yes, I’d seen the photo on Facebook. Yet, subconsciously I was looking for green. However, with white frosting and a pink fondant dot, it easily camouflaged among their other flavors. 

Gratefully, I found it just before reaching panic mode.

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles - Chai Pistachio Cupcake

At home, I uncovered the cake’s natural hue. Finely ground pistachios provided a subtle crunch and specks of green. About halfway through, I perceived the cardamom’s pungent presence. Warmth was building in my mouth and I noted an earthy taste in the moist cake.

I couldn’t get an accurate read of the frosting until I sample it separately. Rich, smooth, and thick, the cream cheese was obvious. Yet, the white chocolate was only a trace amount.

Contrary to my normal routine, I ate most of the cake and frosting apart. The white chocolate cream cheese frosting didn’t complement the complex tones of the pistachio cake fully. Instead, it was rather flat.

I believe I would’ve enjoyed the Off-the-Menu Flavor, Chai Pistachio more. Their pistachio cardamom cake is topped with chai-vanilla frosting. Now that sounds like the perfect pair!

All the same, I left no crumb behind and the sensation in my mouth lingered long after the last bite. It had proved a flavorful and memorable experience from Sprinkles nutty side. 

P.S. Pistachio is only available until July 31, but more new flavors are on the way. Keep a lookout for Green Tea and Olive Oil.

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