Recipe Review: Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies

Life is full of ups and downs, changes and uncertainties. But what do you cling to when it’s too much at once? Your partner? Family, friends, faith?

Perhaps it’s all the above and a little of something familiar.

At least that’s what I do. Rather than seek the adventure of an unknown cupcakery, I wanted something I could count on. So I turned to the solace of baking.

Only the recipe and its ingredients matter when I’m baking. And though I cannot control the result, for a few moments, I am in control of the mixing and measuring.

For my recipe, I selected Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies from Food52. Honestly, is there anything fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies can’t fix? And blondies just made it better.

As for brown butter, I’d wanted to try the technique for a while. The details were specific enough to fend off any trepidation. Plus, when you have a Costco supply of butter on hand, you’re not as concerned about mistakes.

I read all the Author’s Notes before proceeding. It explained which ingredients were changeable and the effect. It also gave suggestions for additions.

Ultimately, I stuck to the original recipe and hardly had adjustments. I used a level teaspoon of salt instead of heaping. I lowered the temperature to 325 degrees because of a glass pan. This added about 5 minutes to the longest time.

Now I baked the Brown Butter Blondies according to the author’s preference. Hence, when they cooled just enough to eat, I had the crunchy top she referenced. And inside was a dense, almost raw square of chocolate chip cookie dough.

I had never made anything like it. Half of me wondered was this done cooking? While the other half didn’t care.

The flavors had yet to settle. I could still taste the residual alcohol from the vanilla extract. Along with the gooey, warm dough, and melty chocolate chips, it was intoxicating.

I cut the blondies into 16 squares for portion control and kept them in the fridge. I thought it would be a deterrent since I would need time to reheat. But then I discovered I loved it cold too. The hard exterior gave way to chewy cookie dough with a rich, nutty flavor.

This dessert could do no wrong.

I give these Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies 5 stars. They soothe the soul and stomach. For the full recipe, please visit Food52.


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