Recipe Review: Apple Fritter Bread

Apple Fritter Bread

As someone with many food and dessert vices, self-control is a struggle I lose more often than I win.

However, I can claim victory when it comes to breakfast treats. I’d rather not splurge early in the day, as it means having to be sensible for the rest (and who knows what may come my way).

Now this week, I allowed myself leniency and baked Apple Fritter Bread. Fritters have been a weakness of mine since childhood. Hence the notion of capturing the taste of this favorite in breakfast bread was irresistible.

The recipe was straightforward and made with everyday ingredients. All I needed from the store was one apple. The author said any kind was fine, so I bought Granny Smith.

My only change was the usual temperature reduction to 325 degrees for my dark coated pan. This added about 10 minutes to the longest time, but kept the bread from browning too quickly. Plus, the tantalizing aroma from the oven lingered longer.

I had some heavy cream leftover, so I used 2 TB for the glaze instead of milk. It was just thin enough to drizzle, yet thick enough to cling to every crevice.

Apple Fritter Bread Sliced

Since I waited until the bread cooled to glaze, my first slice was at room temperature. Moist and fluffy, its texture confused me. Apparently, I overlooked the recipe text that described it as more of a cake. 

There wasn’t any fritter flavor in the end piece so I had to have another. As expected, it was more cinnamony. While the apples kept some of their tartness and bigger chunks had a little crisp.

Still, I wasn’t ready to say it reminded me of a fritter. 

I tried one more time, warming a slice. The glaze seeped deeper into the sweet bread and the warmth made the cinnamon lively. It was good, similar to coffee cake good. Just not fritter cake good.

Looking at my empty plate, I pondered my conundrum. Do I deduct for not meeting expectations? Or let it go because I liked it nonetheless? 

In the end, I chose 3.5 out of 5 stars. I considered 4 stars. However, it falls shy of other recipes with the higher rating. If I were to make the breakfast bread again, I’d add more chopped apples. I wouldn’t want to alter the consistency, so perhaps 1/2 apple would do. 

For the full recipe, please visit Rumbly in My Tumbly.


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