Recipe Review: Caramel Apple Chunkies

Caramel Apple Chunkies

Can you believe it? The middle of October and I haven’t made anything pumpkin yet. Instead, all I can think about is apples. It’s like someone hijacked my taste buds!

Until this is sorted out, you’ll have to bear with me. However, you probably won’t mind after seeing these Caramel Apple Chunkies.

It’s a vintage recipe made of a sweet butter and vanilla batter mixed with apples and nuts. Baked in an 8×8 pan and cut into squares, it’s a cousin to apple brownies.

The ingredients came together with little effort, just one pan and no mixer. Still, I made a few changes.

  • I added two apples, not one. After baking that Apple Fritter Bread, I’m leery of one-apple recipes. I like more flavor.
  • I used Granny Smith, not Gala as listed. It’s what I had on hand. Besides, the mellowness of Gala apples would blend with the batter. I wanted contrast.
  • I prefer pecans to walnuts, so I substituted pecan pieces.
  • Since I buy 1% lowfat milk, I only needed 1 Tbsp for the caramel glaze. Using more might have thinned it too much.
  • I reduced the oven to 325 degrees for my glass pan. Cooking time was the same.

I do confess; I was concerned how extra fruit would affect the consistency. And spreading the super thick batter into the baking pan offered no relief. Nonetheless, I proceeded with an air of confidence.

As instructed, right after removing the Apple Chunkies from the oven, I poured the caramel glaze on top, and then cut into 16 portions. Now we know hot slices are far from neat. But the goal wasn’t presentation. It was to allow the caramel glaze to seep between the crannies.

This made all the difference.

Moist, dense, and packed with deliciousness, I found myself humming. There were nibbles with a delightful subtle crack of the caramel glaze. Underneath, some chunks of apple hid among the sweet crumbs, while others held a tart, soft crisp.

The pecans paired perfectly with the glaze, and complemented the vanilla and apple flavors. Moreover, pieces were the ideal size, anything finer would’ve been overshadowed.

I gobbled up two slices in no time, and eventually a third. Each one seemed more addictive than the last.

I rate this recipe 5 stars. I could see myself making these Caramel Apple Chunkies again and again. They’re ridiculously simple, incredibly tasty, and versatile. A slice or two would be nice with morning coffee as well.

For the full recipe, please visit A Family Feast.


2 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Caramel Apple Chunkies

  1. Looks so DELICIOUS! Your post made me smile, I had the exact same thoughts as you but reversed! Ie. I have to stop baking pumpkin everything and focus on the beautiful apples in season. Think I’ll have to try these for my first fall apple project 🙂

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