Recipe Review: 3 Musketeers Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Brownies

Less than 10 days until Halloween. Are you a planner who’s ready to celebrate? A procrastinator who still has shopping to do? Or are you a non-participant?

I admit I’m the latter. The holiday wasn’t a significant part of my childhood. And as I got older, going to “Horror Nights” at amusement parks wasn’t my idea of fun (the monsters always came after me).

However, I’m all for the treats. In the past, I’ve looked forward to the Halloween menu at bakeries. This year, I’m baking the candy creations.

Now there’s no shortage of recipes in this area. On the contrary, I’ve seen candy combinations from reasonable to downright insane! I wanted a unique dessert in the middle.

This 3 Musketeers Mississippi Mud Cake seemed a good choice. It’s a brownie topped with toasted marshmallows, 3 Musketeers, and chocolate ganache…Yes, I know it sounds wicked. But since marshmallows are light and 3 Musketeers have less fat than average chocolate bars, I talked myself into it.

The recipe includes made from scratch brownies and ganache. I liked the ingredients, so my changes were for convenience or need.

  • The recipe was for a 15×10 sheet pan. I had enough common sense to half the amounts for an 8×8 pan.
  • The author had a few tips before the recipe. I did buy small marshmallows. As for the rest, I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of a baking chocolate bar. My butter and eggs were from the fridge, not room temperature. And I didn’t need a mixer for the batter. Stirring by hand was effortless. 
  • Fun-size 3 Musketeers was a better value than regular size, so I chopped nine bars. And as a bonus, I still have some fun-size leftover.
  • I lowered the oven temperature to 325 degrees for my glass dish. Baking time was the same.

3 Musketeers Mud Brownies

I followed all other instructions as written. Though I was confused when it came to the chocolate ganache. In the recipe photos, the consistency looked like ganache. Yet, I ended up with thick chocolate frosting.

Spreading it over the melty marshmallows and candy bars, I sensed the danger. Had I known the gravity of my actions, I would’ve chosen a different dessert. However, there was no turning back now.

Within minutes the frosting set. I sliced the Mississippi Mud Cake into 16 squares and scooped a corner. A string of gooey marshmallows adhered to the neighboring slice as I lifted it away. Looking at my plate, I couldn’t even see the brownie layer, just chocolate frosting and marshmallows.

Toasted, chewy marshmallow was my first bite. Then the sweet frosting dominated. It blanketed the 3 Musketeers, making the candy bar pieces a soft, chocolaty surprise. There wasn’t much brownie, but from what I tasted it was dense and fudgy.

I surrendered after that serving. It was one of the most ridiculously decadent desserts I had ever had and certainly ever made. Gulping a glass of milk, I chastised myself for bringing such evil into my home.

I give this recipe 4 out of 5 stars. This 3 Musketeers Mississippi Mud Cake does not disappoint. Still, proceed with caution. It might be safer as an annual treat. 

For the full recipe, please visit Call Me PMc.

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