Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Pecan (Almost Fudge) Bars

Almost Fudge Bars

There are things in life that bring such joy; you smile from the inside out. Often they’re not what some would consider big things. Rather small moments of significance to that person.

For me, it’s Holiday fudge. Even though it’s a year-round treat, there’s something about the season that makes it better. As a child, I used to accompany my mother to see her best friend around Christmas. There wasn’t much for me to do during the visit. Still, I knew the trip meant the cookie tin of goodies, complete with fudge.

As I got older, I learned to fend for myself and made the classic Fantasy Fudge. Simple and rich, it became my go-to recipe for years. Then for some reason I stopped, and fudge became an occasional purchase from chocolate shops.

So, for this week’s Recipe Review, I decided it was time to change. It was time to bring back the tradition from my youth, and make Holiday fudge.

Now if you go online, everyone seems to have the best homemade recipe. Most are fairly easy. It’s the mix-ins that might add complexity. I came across one called, Coconut Pecan No-Bake Chocolate Bars. The photo resembled fudge, so I checked the details. With peanut butter and oatmeal too, there was no need to look further. Since honey replaced sugar and it didn’t contain milk or cream, I knew the candy wasn’t officially fudge. But almost would be good enough.

Meant for an 8×8 pan, the size was already perfect. As I followed along with the recipe, I found the need to tinker with a couple of steps.

  • It took another 30 seconds in my microwave to fully melt the chocolate.
  • Once the first set of ingredients were melted and blended, I added the oatmeal, coconut and pecans individually. It was easier to stir after each addition than all at once.
  • I spread the fudgy mixture in the dish as directed. Yet, it looked nothing like the recipe’s image. So, I used an extra sprinkle of pecans to make the bars more appealing, and pressed them lightly down.

Almost Fudge Bars Close-up

Overall, preparation was super simple. Hence, the hard part was waiting 3-4 hours for them to firm in the fridge (Honestly, I don’t know how I survived the agony when I was younger).

When enough time had passed, I cut the bars into 16 servings, a generous size for Almost Fudge. I considered smaller portions. However, the thickness made slicing such an effort, I got lazy.

I started with a corner. It was an amalgamation of tastes and textures unlike anything I’ve had before. Soft, chocolaty, peanut buttery, chewy, and crunchy – this bar had it all. 

With chocolate still on my fingers from the first piece, I picked up another. I could feel the seeds of addiction take root with each bite. The oatmeal was clearly visible, but the coconut was cloaked in chocolate and peanut butter. Along with the nuts, they brought the bars a satisfying weight.

I give these Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Pecan (Almost Fudge) Bars 4.5 out of 5 stars. I realize the author simply called them chocolate bars. However, that’s an understatement for this delectable dessert.

For the full recipe, please visit Chocolate, Chocolate and More.

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