Recipe Review: Swedish Chocolate Brownie Cake

Swedish Chocolate Brownie Cake

Friends, to say 2015 was nothing like I expected would be a gross understatement. This year has given me more twists and turns than I felt capable of handling. My bright spot has been this blog; knowing I could share my latest dessert discoveries with you. I do miss my adventures around Southern California. However, rekindling my love for baking has its own rewards, and this week is the best thus far.

At first, I was going to make the customary champagne something or other for New Year’s. But the online community seemed overflowing with champagne, and I prefer not to blend in with the crowd. Still, I wanted something satisfying and unique. 

As luck would have it, I already had the perfect recipe. Before Christmas, I added a Swedish Chocolate Cake to my Pinterest collection. The title itself wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was the picture. Recipe details revealed a consistency halfway between a cake and a brownie, to be served warm.

With the blistering cold winds we’ve had (yes, our winds blister too), cozying up with a Brownie Cake sounded better and better.

The cake’s made from everyday ingredients, so I didn’t need anything from the store. And the recipe couldn’t have been easier. Only one saucepan for mixing, then pour into the loaf pan, and bake. I sampled the batter to get a preview of the finished product. Smooth and chocolaty, I was content just cleaning up the saucepan.

Nonetheless, I had a Brownie Cake to watch. The secret to this dessert was NOT overbaking. I was looking for set edges and a wiggly middle. Now the oven temperature was the only modification I made, reducing it to 325 degrees for my dark pan. This didn’t affect the baking time. After 27 minutes, the edges just began to crack, and the middle wasn’t firm.

Swedish Chocolate Brownie Cake - Sliced

I cooled for 20 minutes as instructed, and removed it from the pan for a sprinkling of powdered sugar. The structure of the Brownie Cake collapsed, making me wonder the point of moving it from the pan. Still, I proceeded with the sugar. I found 2 tbsp too concentrated for a loaf. One would’ve sufficed, but according to the original author, skimping is a fail.

The Brownie Cake’s sticky center and sugar topping clung to the knife with each cut. Resulting in a glob of sugared, chocolate goo coating the blade when I had finished.

If that’s what the knife looked like, how would a slice look? Separating an end piece, the thick, gooey center oozed like a molten chocolate cake. It took a spoon to scoop it up.

The goopy, crumbly pile on my plate wouldn’t win any awards for appearance. Yet, from the first taste, I realized it was one of the best things I’ve had this year or any year. Moist, chewy edges, a lightly crisp top, and an unbelievably chocolaty gooey center this Brownie Cake was pure glee.

Of course this Swedish Chocolate Brownie Cake gets a 5 star rating. Simple to make, and indulgent to eat, what more could you ask for in a dessert? The only potential drawback is you’ll most likely have the ingredients to make it anytime to you want. So some discretion is appropriate.

For the full recipe please visit A Cozy Kitchen.

Have a Happy New Year, my friends!


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