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Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m a Frosting Fanatic

My mantra: Life is sweeter with frosting.

Perhaps it started as a child, helping my mother bake cakes. She used a handheld mixer with two beaters. She always left enough frosting on the beaters and in the bowl for sampling. It’s a practice I still use today with my KitchenAid mixer for “quality control.”

In college, I found baking therapeutic. It helped clear my mind before studying. My roommates appreciated the treats and I appreciated having others with whom to share the calories.

During my twenties, an avid sweet tooth remained. But by thirty, it morphed into full frosting cravings.

No joke. I would go to grocery stores and buy cake slices, appraising them for the amount of frosting before selecting. I even found myself staring at small sheet cakes, analyzing how many servings I could get and would it fit in my freezer?

My girlfriends laughed, but they humored my addiction. If sheet cake was served at a gathering, they knew I would always yell, “corner!”

Yes, even at a kid’s party. I have no shame.

By mid-thirties, my taste buds had evolved and I was ready for the big leagues – gourmet cupcakes. First Crumbs, next Sprinkles, then cupcake tasting events, and cupcake trucks. I was hooked.

Today, in the fabulous forties, I have fully embraced my frosting fanaticism and other foodie habits. Thanks to the encouragement of those who have listened to my frosting filled encounters over the years, I’ve decided to share my escapades.

Although cupcakes are my first love, I do not discriminate. In this blog, I review brownies, bars, cronuts, waffles, or whatever decadent desserts tantalize my palate.

And, I step up my baking by rating some of the sweetest recipes online.

I do hope you enjoy and follow my frosted confessions!

Please note: I’m not paid for links or positive reviews. All opinions are 100% mine.

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