Recipe Review: Brown Sugar Apple Cobbler

Yes, you’re in the right place. Yes, it is citrus season. However, some of you know by now I tend to follow my stomach more than trends. Besides, isn’t the point of citrus to brighten up a gloomy winter’s day? I don’t consider overcast skies the real issue here in Southern California. It’s just cold, by our standards. Such… Continue reading Recipe Review: Brown Sugar Apple Cobbler

Happy as Pie for Cupcakes

Friends, with Thanksgiving upon us, I squeezed in another reconnaissance before focusing on my contributions to the family dinner. After some thought, I decided against trying somewhere new. Instead, I opted for the place where I tasted my first gourmet cupcake – Crumbs Bake Shop. They have a couple of locations in the Los Angeles… Continue reading Happy as Pie for Cupcakes

It’s American as Apple Pie and Waffles

I admit even a fanatic such as myself takes a break from frosting occasionally. Note I said frosting, not desserts – let’s not get crazy. When I do, you’ll often find me at Bruxie in Chino Hills, California. For those who live outside of southern California, I’m truly sorry, as Bruxie is something I feel… Continue reading It’s American as Apple Pie and Waffles