The Flaw in the Fairy Tale Cupcakes

What if cupcakes were like fairy tales? No matter which you choose, you would be guaranteed a happy ending? I couldn’t help but wonder, as I traveled to this week’s fanciful dessert destination. It was Cinderella Cakes in Anaheim, California.  Months ago, I had seen their delivery van on the highway and jotted down the name. In reviewing their website, I… Continue reading The Flaw in the Fairy Tale Cupcakes

Top Temptations of 2013

As the year winds down, I can’t help but reflect upon my frosted adventures. My palate developed and my comfort zone was tested, as I tried new bakeries around Southern California. I decided to prepare the Top Temptations of 2013 to distinguish my favorite experiences. Though I wanted to take it a step further and… Continue reading Top Temptations of 2013

Cupcakes from the Heart

No matter where life takes us, we never forget the taste of home. The memories of mom’s cooking, recipes from grandma, or dad’s specials linger for years to come. It’s more than just its taste. These foods are made from the heart. Cooking from the heart can sometimes be found outside our homes as well.… Continue reading Cupcakes from the Heart