Still Crazy for Kronutz

Alarm – it is 6:00 AM. The monotone female voice of my smartphone interrupted my sleep. Then, the loud melody began. I reached for the phone on my nightstand to turn it off. I needed a few more minutes. I was about to set snooze when I realized… It was cronut day! The mission was Baker’s Dozen Donuts in Corona, California. They… Continue reading Still Crazy for Kronutz

I Missed A Cronut So I Had An O’Nut

Friends, a historic event happened in Los Angeles over the weekend. No, I’m not talking about the 2014 Oscars. Chef Dominique Ansel brought his authentic Cronut® to a one day only pop-up at The Grove. Now you would think as much as I adore the faux versions of this hybrid pastry, I’d be all over the… Continue reading I Missed A Cronut So I Had An O’Nut

Fancy Donuts Are Not Cronuts

Please forgive the informality of my title. It’s a new year and Dominique Ansel’s phenomenal Cronut® is now trademarked. Those bakers currently mimicking the chef’s hybrid-pastry recipe may want to take heed. As a consumer, I proceeded with my faux cronut quest, unabated by the news. I drove to Orange, California to visit DK’s Donuts.… Continue reading Fancy Donuts Are Not Cronuts