Can’t Get Enough of The Pie Hole

My toes touched the carpet as I arose from bed. Immediately, I sensed a difference about the┬ámorning. There was a slight nip in the room. Something I haven’t felt for months in sunny, Southern California. Shivering, I hustled towards the heater. As the air warmed me, my thoughts turned to food. Colder weather changed the… Continue reading Can’t Get Enough of The Pie Hole

The Shake That Bested Me

I don’t know about you, but I don’t give up easily. I’ve been called determined, persistent and relentless, just to name a few. This characteristic, encompasses all areas of my life, including foodie goals. Thus, it’s not easy for me to admit that a dessert got the best of me. That’s right, even my special… Continue reading The Shake That Bested Me