The Cupcake Wars Expectation

I confess, at times there’s no art in planning a cupcake reconnaissance. It might be influenced by curiosity, a craving, or simply convenience.  In this instance, a combination of the above lead me to Hotcakes Bakes in Los Angeles, California. As is often my regime, I reviewed their website before my visit. One particular cupcake was… Continue reading The Cupcake Wars Expectation

How The Cupcake War Was Won?

About 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles, lies a city within California’s South Coast wine region. It’s called Temecula. Now don’t go getting excited. Although I do enjoy winery tours, I had planned a trip suitable for a Frosting Fanatic.  I selected two bakeries to visit. My first stop was a September 2013 winner of… Continue reading How The Cupcake War Was Won?

Feel the Fear and Eat the Cupcake

“Cupcakes don’t ask silly questions… cupcakes understand.” These words greeted me as I parked in front of the cupcake shop for my latest reconnaissance. It was Bubba Sweets in Huntington Beach, California. The words were scribed on a chalkboard sign outside of their door. It made me smile… Little did I know of the challenge… Continue reading Feel the Fear and Eat the Cupcake