Can’t Get Enough of The Pie Hole

My toes touched the carpet as I arose from bed. Immediately, I sensed a difference about theĀ morning. There was a slight nip in the room. Something I haven’t felt for months in sunny, Southern California. Shivering, I hustled towards the heater. As the air warmed me, my thoughts turned to food. Colder weather changed the… Continue reading Can’t Get Enough of The Pie Hole

The Cupcake Battle of Riverside

You may not know it. But there’s a battle brewing in Riverside, California. It’s a battleĀ of taste, creativity, and marketing. It’s a cupcake war. Ground zero is Downtown, at the intersection of Main and 6th Street. A leisurely two-minute walk separates the shops. To the west, is the established Casey’s Cupcakes. Their Cupcake Wars Winner… Continue reading The Cupcake Battle of Riverside

Friday Night Cupcakes

Recently, I had reason to be in Los Angeles on a Friday night. Now this may not seem like much to some of you. However, considering where I reside, braving Southern California traffic at such a time is admirable. Always the foodie and cupcake connoisseur, I thought how best to take advantage of the situation.… Continue reading Friday Night Cupcakes