Old Town Brownies and Bars

Some of you may be thinking I’m starting to get a little lazy with my titles, as this sounds very similar to my previous post. The rest of you may understand my logic for doing so. I had visited Old Town Baking Company in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  Readers of Inland Empire Magazine voted them a Best Bakery 2014, because… Continue reading Old Town Brownies and Bars

Truth, Frosting and Cupcakes

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines truth as the real facts about something. Now I am aware it’s normal for businesses to take liberty with the truth when promoting their products. As such, I take words and imagery with a grain of salt. However, in regards to cupcakes, when I peruse a bakery’s website and see… Continue reading Truth, Frosting and Cupcakes

The Last Cupcake!

You know the ad campaign: What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Well, what would you do for the last cupcake you really wanted? Just how fanatical are you? This is my story. It started like any other morning. I was sipping coffee, listening to the TV and reviewing my Facebook news feed. Then,… Continue reading The Last Cupcake!