There’s More at The Cupcake Store

Some of you may remember last week’s promising adventure at The Cupcake Store. Located in Mission Viejo, California, the shop reignited my palate with their luscious Vanilla Bean Cupcake. Yet, there was more to the store than their name would imply. While cupcakes were the primary goal, their pastries and dessert bars competed for my attention. At first, I… Continue reading There’s More at The Cupcake Store

Still Crazy for Kronutz

Alarm – it is 6:00 AM. The monotone female voice of my smartphone interrupted my sleep. Then, the loud melody began. I reached for the phone on my nightstand to turn it off. I needed a few more minutes. I was about to set snooze when I realized… It was cronut day! The mission was Baker’s Dozen Donuts in Corona, California. They… Continue reading Still Crazy for Kronutz

I Missed A Cronut So I Had An O’Nut

Friends, a historic event happened in Los Angeles over the weekend. No, I’m not talking about the 2014 Oscars. Chef Dominique Ansel brought his authentic Cronut® to a one day only pop-up at The Grove. Now you would think as much as I adore the faux versions of this hybrid pastry, I’d be all over the… Continue reading I Missed A Cronut So I Had An O’Nut