In Search of an Honest Cupcake

 “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” I can’t believe it’s been two years. Almost two years to the day, since I started the journey as a cupcake connoisseur. In my naiveté, I thought it would be buttercream bliss. Of course, I’ve discovered some gems. But I’ve also uncovered flavorless frostings, artificial… Continue reading In Search of an Honest Cupcake

Expect Anything from Cupcakes

“I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than fatally disappointed.” ― Julia Glass If given a choice, what would your preference be, surprise or disappointment? Without a doubt, I would choose to be surprised. Yet, continually I explore new bakeries with conscious or subconscious expectations. Inevitably, leading to letdowns. Such was the case of my mission to… Continue reading Expect Anything from Cupcakes

Feel the Fear and Eat the Cupcake

“Cupcakes don’t ask silly questions… cupcakes understand.” These words greeted me as I parked in front of the cupcake shop for my latest reconnaissance. It was Bubba Sweets in Huntington Beach, California. The words were scribed on a chalkboard sign outside of their door. It made me smile… Little did I know of the challenge… Continue reading Feel the Fear and Eat the Cupcake