Expect Anything from Cupcakes

“I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than fatally disappointed.” ― Julia Glass If given a choice, what would your preference be, surprise or disappointment? Without a doubt, I would choose to be surprised. Yet, continually I explore new bakeries with conscious or subconscious expectations. Inevitably, leading to letdowns. Such was the case of my mission to… Continue reading Expect Anything from Cupcakes

Beverly’s Best Brownies and Bars

Please excuse the break, friends. However, after having a fight with my summer wardrobe, I felt the need to curb my dessert fanaticism.  The interlude was beneficial though. I’m happy to report my clothes and I have made amends and my sweet tooth is recharged.  I went to Beverly’s Best Bakery in Fullerton, California to celebrate the occasion. (Yes,… Continue reading Beverly’s Best Brownies and Bars

Remember to Forget Cupcakes

What do you expect from a bakery? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it’s a place where bread, cakes, cookies, and other baked foods are made or sold. Now, my standards exceed the basic definition. When I choose a bakery business over a grocery store, I expect better quality, creativity, and technique.  If I opt for a… Continue reading Remember to Forget Cupcakes